Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Movies VS Books: "Eragon"

YES the time has come that you are all been waiting for. WOAH!...there is aucually an audience here....what say you? no Yota is not writting this one, this is mine...Oh you are still here!...This is....odd?...Anyway, the time has come, for me to compare book to movie, of Eragon.
Story Summary: The book tells the story of a young farm boy named Eragon, who finds a mysterious stone in the mountains. A dragon he later names Saphira hatches from the stone, which was really an egg. When the evil King Galbatorix finds out about Eragon and his dragon, he sends his servants after them in an effort to capture them. Eragon and Saphira are forced to flee from their hometown, and decide to search for the Varden, a group of rebels who want to see the downfall of Galbatorix.

Where the Movie Wins: NOWHERE! Dont be deceived by the awesome epicness of the picture i used, or the coolness of Murtang in there. The movie sux. In every part of every aspect. S U C K S. They butchered an already mediocre book, by making it a horrible horrible movie. I mean really, its fine for laughs but to watch seriously? no way. Ok lets start from the basics. Number 1: they got the characters perfectly, they had the exact people that were PERFECT for the roles. It was as if they had really found eragon and took him to the movie set. However dont get too excited, no, because here comes the number 1 fail. Arya. A raven haired beauty that is hostile to Eragon and pretty much almost punches him in every scene. Guess what? Red haired beauty who falls in love with eragon from the introduction credits...i think. Acting? well for what they had they did pretty good. Music-direction-plot-dialogue-graphics were sloppy to say the least. Bad movie, even for an outsider ( i watched the film before I read the book) the movie is bad. DONT WATCH IT! unless you really really have nothing better to do

Where the book wins:

After the above comment i think its pretty obvious. The book, though not really groundbreaking or something special is actually pretty good. Sortof. Not something great and different, but not something completelly crappy either. Its a pleasant read, at least the 2 and a half firsts (the 3rd gets amazingly boring after a part).

Final Winner: BOOK! WITHOUT...A...DOUBT!

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  1. I completely agree with you! It still pains me when I think of the time and money I spent to watch this movie in a theatre. It was horrible!
    The book, though not that great , was still readable.

  2. YES! thank you! I mean if they went as far as actually putting the money and finding the PERFECT actors for the roles, they could as well make it a worthy move not some sort of, cheap lord of the rings spinoff

  3. I have a small disagreement here. Yeah the movie sucked, but come on..the dragon was cool and the soundtrack is pretty good. The you said..

    Of course, i'm in for "not watch the movie".

    P.S: My name is Yiota and not Yota. After 14 years, you should at least know that! -.-

  4. OH FFS! decide already! i write Yiota its Yota, i write Yota its Yiota!

  5. what the hell are you talking about?-.^

  6. Have neither read the book nor watched the film... not likely to now either ;)

    Mine would be Queen of the Damned - firstly they merged two book for the film and didn't mention that - they totally ruined the story and didn't explain some bits in the film that you wouldn't know unless you'd read the books. And the film just plain sucked. Books = excellent.

  7. However - I love the True Blood books and the programs equally even though they are completely different :P

  8. I actually loved the movie. Eragon book was good but Eldest I had to stop. And the movie to me was good. To me the author tries to much with the book so with the movie it was as if it's just simplified lol xD

  9. We watched the movie first then I read the book. I was so taken with the book over the movie. I know its nothing new, but I really enjoyed it. I have to say the book is sooooo much better than the movie. I wish they had stuck to the book closer so they could have done another movie, but oh well. ;)

  10. @Melissa: my words exactly! its not a groundbreaking book, but it is nice and enjoyable. If they stayed closer to it they would definatelly have a great series of movies, similar to the harry potter ones with dragons :P


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