Monday, November 22, 2010

Warehouse 13 Review

After saving the life of an international diplomat in Washington D.C., a pair of U.S Secret Service agents are whisked away to a covert location in South Dakota that houses supernatural objects that the U.S. Government has collected over the centuries. Their new assignment: retrieve the missing objects and investigate reports of new ones.

Why we love it: EVERYTHING!. The series is probably the most fun to watch for me (Seeker Included) for many reasons. For starters the characters of the series. There is not one person I know who will not say at least once "Yeah i would do that too". Lets pick them apart.

Artie is the "dad"/"boss" there. As for his behaviour, he is not the regular "because I said so" person, he is serious off course and incredibly inteligent and he does everything to keep the rest at bay since they are often not to serious.
Pete who is my personall favorite (the guys and I say that I am a mixture of Pete mostly and some parts of Claudia) is the kid of the group. Immature and funny yet serious and clever at times Pete is by far the source of all the laugh in the show. Then we have Myka, the voice of logic and Pete's assistant. She is the book worm and me and the guys relate her to Yiota :P. Quieter than Pete and far more logicall she acts as the voice of logic for the whole team as she is more down to earth than everyone else :P. Claudia (who is 50% my wife...I see her and say yes, so the only thing remaining is that she finds out and sais yes too) is the younger, wilder teammate who also has a father-daughter relationship with Artie. She is brash and often reckless yet she has all the problems a girl around her 20 could have. She is as smart as Artie and sometimes the right hand of Pete when it comes to immature behaviour. Claudia does what everyone who watch the series would with everything in the warehouse. Last but not least is Leena.....Her I dont really care about. She has some weird aura thing going and although she is a valuable member of the team (sometimes) she passes out as generally indifferent. Off course I kept the ULTIMATE character for last. MRS FREDERICK. She is the "big boss" the one who gives the orders! the creepiest-most interesting-most cool character of them all. I wont say the show!
As for the story it is an incrediblly interesting mix of fantasy-sci fi and mystery themes. Interesting plot which focuses around the magical artifacts that Pete and Myka go to capture and bring in the Warehouse and the stories in which they are related to. Off course there is a higher plot which unfolds along with the episodes which makes it incredibly interesting since it combines both short term and long term stories. To say it plainly, although each artifact and its recovery has its own story, the whole stories connect in a more subtle way. Weather its by showing the personall lives and relationships the main characters build, their struggles with their secret identity's restrictions and their personall lives or the main story, the episodes have a steady pace. To all that spray a fair amount of well put humor and you got the idea.

I think that is all...I reccomend this series to everyone who enjoy a bit of mystery and magic (OOOOH *spooky ooh*) and will like to laugh with it as well. 

Yiota edit: It has renewed for the 3rd season too!^^


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  2. The series surely deserved the post!
    I agree with every single thing you said! It's for sure one of the hits series of the summer and i so so so loved it!<3 I'm so happy i found out about it:D

    I can't even pick a team:p

  3. I am so happy you found out about it too :P

  4. First Seeker, now this one..i think i rock:P
    Of course Vampire Diaries too XD

  5. nah, vampire diaries is not such a "omg how awesome" a matter of fact i watch it to forget the fact that I have to wait for Warehouse :P

  6. YES! Myka & Pete! and Claudia! and Artie! Thanks for the awesome review! =D

  7. I love this show though I don't watch it regularly.Its very engrossing1

  8. new show? i haven't heard it but now i'll watch it ! have to finish "mad men" first ( w8 for a review !!)

    thnx for the review, nice pick !

  9. @Athanasia: It's a summer show with 13 episode each season.


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