Monday, November 1, 2010

Series We Loved: Legend Of The Seeker

The story takes place in the world author Terry Goodkind created in his The Sword of Truth fantasy novel series. The three main provinces are Westland, the Midlands and D'Hara. Westland is separated from the Midlands by a magical boundary, which was created to prevent any magic from entering Westland. On the other side of the Midlands is D'Hara, which is ruled by Darken Rahl. An ancient order of of women known as Confessors oversee the welfare of the people of the Midlands.
The first season is loosely based on the first book of The Sword of Truth series Wizard's First Rule. Some of the stories feature events and characters not encountered in the books, while others loosely adapt events from the book. The story begins after the invasion of Darken Rahl's army into the Midlands. Kahlan AmnellBridget Regan), a Confessor, ventures into Westland in search of a wizard and the Seeker, who has been prophesied to defeat Rahl. Kahlan finds the wizard, Zeddicus Zu'l Zorander (Bruce Spence), and the Seeker, Richard Cypher (Craig Horner), who is forced to accept his destiny. Together, they set off on a journey to seek out Darken Rahl and his minions. They soon discover that in the process of defeating Darken Rahl, they unintentionally helped the Keeper of the underworld create tears between the veil of the underworld and the world of the living. Richard's quest in the second season is to find the 'Stone of Tears' to seal the rifts between the worlds and defeat the Keeper. (Seasons: 2, 2008-2009)

Why we miss it?
BECAUSE IT WAS AWESOME. Right now i feel hate for the channel. How they can stop series like that and that stupid Merlin show still airs? We finally had a good epic fantasy story in TV and they destroyed it for us. Pffff....
I will try to calm down. Soooo...well...firstly the series were filmed in New Zealand. Is there a better place for fantasy worlds? The landscapes are magnificent and the cinematography was perfect.I loved the slow motion battle scenes. The plot was not exactly as the book but still it was really good. It was fun,fast with action,battles,love stories,betrayals...All the usual stuff. The music was LOTR like..wonderful soundtrack. At 2009 they get an Emmy for Outstanding Music Composition for Series. Acting? Perfect...Known and unknown actors, and everyone was really good at his job. Guest starts, from LOTR, Hercules, Zena, Oscar Nominated people...Average viewers about 3,5 million or more.

Now let's talk about something else than stats. After Hercules and Xena,we didn't really have that kind of series a lot. When i found out about LOTS i was like "omg!finally". I saw it to my friends and everyone became a maniac with the series. It was the usual fantasy story but it was fun. There was Richard, who didn't have a clue on what's goin on but he still tried (who will forget the epic moment when he was running to save a confessor and fall of the stairs?). There was Kahlan...the usual girl who will fall in love with the guy. Difference, she really kicked ass. Dangerous! We had Zedd, the magician. Epic quotes, always eating and yet so powerfull. Then Cara, the bad girl who turns out to be good. She was sexy at least. Never smile and always sarcastic. And last but not least..Darken Rahl, the bad guy (aka know from LOTR as the elf Haldir-the one who died at Hellm's Deep battle with an axe striking him on his head and Aragorn hugging was badass..and even when he was running away..he had style ;)
Anyway..i talk to much i think! Go watch the series! Now! Go go! And join the Save Our Seeker campaign at twitter. Some actors said that might the cancellation not be we still have some hope!Sniff...

And as the guys who write the Greek subs said: "May the ones who canceled the show to be burned in the green flames of the Underworld!"


  1. It does sound very intriguing! I don't think it comes in my country.But I will look up the book by Terry Goodkind.

  2. Hey!! I like Merlin....
    By the way, I liked what the Greek subs guy said....

  3. @nina:You haven't watch Seeker..that's why you like it XD

    @Mishas: personally i didn't like the book cause of the many details. as for the can download the episode or smth ;)

  4. I laughed a lot with that subs ending and couldn't agree more!I loved that show,and it was the only one i got to see along with my boyfriend due to totally different taste!Now what are we going to watch?????

  5. @Misha personally i liked the book! its on my series to finish...dont know when that is going to happen though :P. Also the greek subs dudes were just epic, they actually posted their personall comments and a bit of...improvised subtitles. Instead of being literal they often used some slang expressions, we laughed our asses off with them.

    @Anna try watching Warehouse 13! ITS EPIC! but not Seeker :S

  6. I agree with the Warehouse 13. It rocks!


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