Tuesday, November 9, 2010

We Listen: Light Me Up by The Pretty Reckless

Light Me Up is the debut album from a new band called The Pretty Reckless. Main creator and voice of the band is the actress Taylor Momsen (also known as Little J/Jenny from Gossip Girl), though i believe the singing career it fits her better than the acting..or modeling...Taylor Momsen was singing at clubs from late 2008 with the first members of her band and only this year managed to record the album. I found her voice really strong and unique in a way. The songs are about drugs, smoking, sex, murder, boys...yeah..a 17 (18 now) year old girl wrote that kind of songs..no comment..

I'm going with the usual "First thought in mind" now...

1. "My Medicine" - It has a really interesting start of Momsen breathing heavily
2. "Since You're Gone" - Cute!
3. "Make Me Wanna Die"  - First song i heard from them! Love! and in Kick Ass Movie!
4. "Light Me Up"  - Ok
5. "Just Tonight"  - My 2nd best! Calm and strong parts!
6. "Miss Nothing"  - Weird music video!
7. "Goin' Down"  - Maybe the most noisy one from the album. Yiota likes.
8. "Nothing Left to Lose"  - Don't even remember this one
9. "Factory Girl"  - Catchy!
10. "You"  - Ballad and my favourite one! Simple but strong^^


  1. Just so you know, that heavy breath in "My Medicine", is smoking. You actually hear the lighter and the breath when you take in smoke and breath it out....And I like The Pretty Reckless....

  2. I know. She also lights a cigarette on purpose at the live performances of the song ^^

  3. check it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fwBNKJfSNXY

  4. Thanks for another great recommendation! I will be definitely checking out the band.

  5. I've seen the video, I just forgot to mention it before....

  6. i like The Pretty Reckless, she has a nice voice but all that make-up? it's too much, i saw her at the EMA's and she was dressed really bad. Despite of the clothes it's a nice band !

  7. She really is beautiful without that shadow around her eyes. She looks like she is drugs or smth :P
    And you mean half dressed at EMAs..if i'm right she was wearing a shirt, not fully closed. Just that..and a bra.
    I liked her boots though.

  8. i don't remember the boots but there wasn't a shirt only a bra !!! lol
    have you seen her in gossip girl? she is very pretty..
    and it's not only the shadow it's the way she looks too that makes you belive she is on drugs =P
    i just finished listening their songs, and it's very good, favorite sons :
    1)miss nothing
    2)my medicine

  9. I have heard of this group, but I don't think I have listened to the songs!

    Thanks for the rec! Sounds good! :)

  10. @athanasia: Really? i didn't find a pic with her only in bra. I will search it...

    @ylektra: hope you like them yllektra!


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