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Series We Loved : Charmed

About: Charmed ones is a series for tree sisters, Prue, Piper and Phoebe who discover that they are descendants of a long line of witches when they inherit a house from their grandmother and find the family's Book of Shadows. Prue is the older sister and her power is to move objects with her mind, Piper the middle one is able to freeze time and last but not least Phoebe sees the future. Together they have the "Power of Three", which they must use to fight demons and warlocks, and protect the innocent. As the writer of the series said :"Charmed is a show about three sisters who just happen to be powerful witches, not three witches who happen to be sisters", Constance M. Burge

In the first season we get to know the sisters and their relationship. It introduces us to their life fighting daemons.
In the second season, the sisters fight different forces of evil in each episode, and the show continues to focus on how such things impact the sisters' attempt to live normal lives, as far as such is possible. Piper, becoming frustrated with the limitations of her relationship with whitelighter Leo Wyatt. She also opens a nightclub 'P3' . This season also sees the sisters' powers growing as they begin to gain more control over their powers. Phoebe learns to command premonitions, Piper selectively freezes objects, and Prue gains the power of astral projection. They also begin to learn how to write and cast their own spells and to create their own vanquishing potions.
The third season is one of the most important for the show. In this season many things happen that will influence the rest of the show. Piper and Leo's relationship becomes serious as they plan to get married against the wishes of The Elders. Piper must also deal with controlling her new power of molecular combustion. She can blow up things!! Also Phoebe gains the 'active' power of levitation. But the most important thing is that Phoebe starts a romance with the assistant district attorney Cole Turner/Belthazor - a half human/half demon sent in to destroy the sisters !! As the episodes continue he becomes conflicted between his duty and his love for Phoebe. The girl's father also comes back in to their lives and attends Piper's wedding. The sisters begin to discover and understand the The Underworld and they also learn of the existence of The Source. An other milestone of this season is Prue's death.
In season four Paige Matthews - half sister to the Halliwells arrives at the show. The girl's mother Patty had a love affair with her whitelighter Sam and discovered she was pregnant. Knowing she would never be able to keep the baby she gave her child to a local church so she would be given to a kind family. In this season Piper and Phoebe are dealing with their sisters death and learn to accept Paige and teach her in the ways of witchcraft. They are trying to destroy The Source. Phoebe and Cole have many difficulties in their relationship, as he becames human. Paige goes from being an only child to having two siblings as well as trying to fill the shoes of Prue, Piper must deal with becoming the oldest sister and head witch giving her more responsibility and Phoebe, who previously has been care-free, becomes to middle sister and must mediate between her two sisters, as well as starting her first full-time job as an advice columnist. We will find out in the next seasons that she becomes very successful in her job. Furthermore Cole is The Source, he plans to rebuild the underworld and destroy The Charmed Ones,but the human inside plots to convert Phoebe and have her rule by his side as his Queen. An other important character is introduced, The Seer who has an evil agenda of her own.
In season five Piper is pregnant!! Which makes it hard for her being a charmed one too. In this season there is one of my favorite scenes where Piper is fighting with Cole and they destroy the house but both of them can't be hurt. I love that fight!! Eventually Piper gives birth to a very important and powerful child, who many daemons try either kill or capture. She also has problems in her marriage to Leo as they both feel the other doesn't appreciate each others responsibilities and needs. Phoebe's finally able to let go of Cole emotionally, despite his re-appearance and constant tries to win her back and she becomes famous through her work. Paige grows into her role as a Charmed One and decides to give up her job to focus on a life of magic. She also learns to accept her whitelighter side as she is given her first charge, who just happens to be her biological father Sam. In this season also Chris appears....
The sixth season opens with great agony about what happened to Leo. The sisters travel to a mystical island to save him. After he returns he decides to stay on earth until he figures out who sent him away making life hard for Piper who is trying to adjust to her role a single mother to Wyatt. Leo is extremely suspicious of Chris, who has become the sister's new Whitelighter, and whom they have grown to trust. Chis traveled back to time to protect the sisters but they don't know yet the actual reason. Phoebe gains the power of empathy. Paige begins taking temp jobs to create a life separate from magic but finds this difficult when each job leaves her in a supernatural situation.
Magic School is also introduced as a place where the future generations are trained in their powers and becomes a permanent locations for the sisters to go for protection and information. A door appears in their stairs which is funny at the beginning ! They also meet Gideon, the headteacher, a whitelighter and old friend of Leo's, later at the season is revealed hat Gideon has become twisted in his belief of protecting the 'greater good'. This is a very strong season one of my favorites actually, I liked Chis role and the hole story with Gideon, they trust him and he betrays them. He is actually the fist big danger for Pipers son.
The seventh season
opens with the sisters trying to deal with Gideon's betrayal, they lose faith in themselves and their instincts. That affects Phoebe's work and so her boss hires a ghost writer to replace her. Piper has on other son too Chris. She tries to save Leo who has sunk to a dark place after Gideon's attack and the death of future Chris. He becomes paranoid that the other Elders are after him.In this season the Avatars appear, an almighty power who dream of creating a utopia on Earth. After first being suspicious of their motives the sisters slowly begin to accept their plans, especially after it is revealed that Leo has become an Avatar. But they soon descover they made a huge mistake and at the end “good concurs all” ! Paige fights to keep Magic School open, and eventually becomes headmistress as well as beginning a romance with Agent Kyle Brody. Also this season introduces a deamon named Zankou ( where do they find all those names?? ) he begins to work to destroy the sisters leading them to make a life-changing decision in order to destroy him. The season closes awith a very strong episod where the sisters finally vanish Zankou..
The last season opens with the sisters living under false identities. They look forward to starting their new lives free of demons, however Paige is having trouble ignoring the call of her charges and goes to help a young witch Billie. After deciding to vanquish the demon after her, Billie discovers the sisters' true identities and promises to keep their secret if they will train her in witchcraft, to which they agree. Billies role is very interesting and i enjoyed her performance. We find out that she is trying to find her sister who was abducted by a demon when they were young. Because the sisters are unhappy they decide to go back to their Charmed lives. While, to begin with, they must hunt and destroy demons who have begun taking control in their absence, The Charmed Ones are also told of "The Ultimate Power" and that they face one final battle. Piper and Leo go through marital issues as Leo adjusts to his newly-human life.

To sum up charmed ones is one the best shows ever! It's not only about magic and fighting deamons its also about relationships. My favorite sister is Phoebe i liked her from season one! I think that Paige is much better than Prue. Piper's and Leo's relationship was the main love story of the show, i really liked them as a couple but i was a litle bit tired in a certein point when they broke up and be together again all the time. The sisters relationship with their grandmother was very strong and sweet too. I didn't like the hole Poebe-Cole thing, i really enjoyed when he finally left from the show!! I also liked the romance between Paige and Kyle Brody. Paige is also a character i really like, she has a very bubly personality. I must not forget to mention Chris whom i really liked, not like his brother ! when he grew up not as a baby. Chirs role was very enigmatic at the begining making us think he was evil, he just didn't like Leo!! But at the end everyone liked him.. An other important element of the show was the club P3, where many things happened..I liked P3 a lot. I hope for a movie too! Miss charmed like crazy wish there were more seasons !!


  1. I love Charmed! I never saw every episode but soon I'm going to watch from Season 1 Episode 1 until the end. Awesome post =D

  2. i'm glad you liked it. you should do that i'm sure you're gonna love the show!

  3. Charmed! I grew up with those series! But i stopped when Paige appeared. Prue was my fav character and when she was gone, it affected me. I couldn't go on. Lol.

  4. I used to love Charmed. But I only watched till the 5th season.Thanks for featuring this show! I had forgotten how much I used to love it.

  5. My daughters and I loved Charmed! It was the one show that was on that we ALL wanted to watch! Great post!

  6. Your description of Cole in Season Four is vague and incomplete. You make it sound as if he had deliberately decided to become the Source. We all know that he was possessed by the Source's spirit against his will. Why didn't you say so?

    1. at first he was possessed by the Source's spirit, but then he became evil and he was not being honest to Phoebe..

      maybe you are right that my description is a little incomplete but Cole was the character i disliked the most in the series and i belive that maybe his intentions were good at the beginning but then he became just evil..


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