Monday, November 8, 2010

Vampirates: Empire Of The Night Review

Sidorio, fuelled by grief and revenge, is intent on becoming King of the Vampirates and building a new empire to bring terror to the oceans. But he faces growing opposition from both the Pirate Federation and from the more benign vampirate realm, led by Mosh Zu and Lorcan Furey.
Twins Grace and Connor Tempest, still reeling from the recent discovery of their true parentage and its explosive implications, are thrust deep into the heart of the conflict. As old friends and foes are thrown together unexpectantly, the twins find their allegiances shifting in ways no-one could ever have imagined...
Join the Tempest twins in this fifth dramatic encounter as they battle for the empire of the Vampirates.

Finally i got it! Yay!^^

For a fifth time we go back in the Vampirates world in a more dangerous adventure than we ever met. The two twins were sent to spy on Sidorio but there are some things that didn't have in mind....Justin Somper write the best book of the series so far. Full of action, war, friendship,romance, battles, alliances and the most important surprises! Seriously, what the hell? There are so many from the known characters who turn dead or vampires or certain events that happening and just in seconds that i had to re-read paragraphs to be sure i got it right. Amazing! So many twits in one book, without confuse the reader and with making you even more anxious and excited at each one. Though..i'm afraid if the story goes like that in the next one, i might get a heart attack for worrying for them.

At this book we also see much more from the all the characters. It's not so much Connor-Grace as the other ones and i loved it. Connor starting to became my fav characters when at the start of the books i wasn't fan of him and at the other hand i hated Grace in this one when i loved it at the rest. Interesting turn eh? Well, it's not my fault if the blood makes her selfish,annoying and liar. At least Connor was more in earth than her. He still cared about his friends. Then we have the Captain who finally appears again, more Johnny and Stackeley, both so funny. As for our main bad guys, Sidorio and Lola...I sympathized with Sidorio and i started like him a little but i wanted to kill Lola. She is the mind behind everything. I'm sure of it XD
Jesamine, Jacoby, Bo Yin, Bart, Cate, Lorcan, Darcy, Molloco, Cheng Li...all inside as always with a small story for each one.

Empire Of The Night was one of the best books i've read at 2010! A clever and unique story which became better and better with each book. Everyone who follow the series will enjoy it and as for the ones who haven't read a thing from the series..shame on you..:P

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  1. Awesome review! I completely know what you mean about liking Connor more than Grace in this book. How did you feel about the ending? I can't wait to read the next book!

  2. The last 3-4 chapters were really confusing. Everything you have thought, changed. I'm curious on what Connor will do now. I guess Grace will get back to her old self in a way. And i really want someone to kill Lola. Especially now. She is pure evil!

    The next book is coming around April and looks amazingly away right now :S

  3. I gave you an award, because I like your blog -

  4. Is the book a part of a series? It does sound great. Thanks for the review!

  5. Yep! It's the 5th one of the Vampirates Series. And one more will come next year.


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