Tuesday, November 23, 2010

We Listen: Bethany Dillon Discography

Bethany started playing guitar at age 10, with Jennifer Knapp serving as an early influence.[1] Dillon’s musical career began at age 13, recording an independent album (Vulnerable) that ended up in the hands of EMI executive Brad O’Donnell. Audiences connected with her first record almost immediately, and the results included several hit singles, multiple Dove nods, critical acclaim, and an exponentially increasing grassroots fan base that propelled her career forward in great leaps.

For me:
At first i was trying to pick, just one album of hers and do the usual first though but i couldn't decide which one to pick. I really love her music. It's inspiring, calming, beautiful musically and lyrically. It was always give me a smile when i listen to her. Acoustic or studio versions, both perfect. And it's funny that her songs fit so well to all my imaginary characters. I don't really wanna say more..this time i prefer you to listen. I know she is a Christian musician but whatever your doubts are (cause i had many), i believe she deserves a shot.The songs talk about belief in "You" but that doesn't mean the god necessarily.Every song speaks different and that "you" can be anything.At least that's what i believe. I will include my favourite songs of her in the post.



  1. Thank you for the rec!
    I don't think I have listened any of her songs! :)

  2. I don't believe I knew her before this post....
    Even though I've seen Bridge to Terabithia....
    Thnx Yiota....

  3. I loved Bridge to Terabithia OST. I didn't know about her though.
    Thanks for the recommendation!

  4. i never heard of the artist, but she sounds nice, her songs aren't really my style but it is true that they put a smile in your face !

  5. Can I suggest an album for one of the next We Listen? Smoke & Mirrors by Lifehouse

  6. Of course Elena! You might not see it at the next two We Listen since they are already scheduled by Nina and Athanasia but you will definetelly see it in my next one. If you wanna to do it as a guest post will be great too! I will talk you via facebook ;)


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