Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Art Of Alice: Madness Returns, Graphic Novel Review

Legendary game designer American McGee created one of the most visually arresting games of all time in Alice. Eleven years later, McGee returns with a sequel just as groundbreaking as his critically acclaimed classic - Alice: Madness Returns!Just in time for Madness Returns, Dark Horse and Spicy Horse studio invite Alice fans to take a journey through the wonderland of American McGee's imagination for a look at this magnificent and disturbing world. With text by Madness Returns lead writer and executive producer R. J. Berg, and featuring an introduction by McGee, The Art of Alice offers an intimate look into the artwork behind this blockbuster interpretation of Lewis Carroll's enduring masterpiece.

The Art Of Alice: Madness Returns by R.J. Berg
Graphic Novel, 184 pages
Published May 2011, by Dark Horse Comics

When i got the book i thought it was a story! Stupid me! It is actually the journey of how they made the game Alice: Madness Returns (which Johnny is supposed to review one of those days).

So here i am with a novel of how a game created. I have one thing to say. WOW! I never imagined how much job needs to be done before they actually start to make the game. The book is full of sketches and art with comments from the artists. You get to see how many ideas where rejected, how difficult was for the Japanese artists to work on a Victorian London atmosphere, how sometime they overdone it with the bloody things they created. The tried dozens and dozens of Alice portrait til they decide which one they liked. Their comments said they almost killed each other til they found something that everyone liked. And i was so surprised that half of the things they created, didn't even make it to the game and they had to create something new again. I really admire their nerves.

If you love Alice and artwork, you will fall in love with the book. Their comments are funny but at the same full of info and explanations. I think i will buy it just to look at the photos. I wish i could share of them with you. Let me search online....(thank you google!)

Thanks Dark Horse Comics and Netgalley for providing a digital copy of the book.


  1. the pictures are so pretty.

    but i never liked Alice.

  2. I wanna buy this book :D
    And I wanna make each picture into huge posters and cover the walls of my house :D:D
    And I remembered the game now, running of to play it...

  3. @Silvestro: i so agree with you!!!! they are amazing <3 you should see all of them!

  4. I want this book sooooooo bad!, I remember playing the 1st game, I rly want the 2nd one! The pictures that I see on google of this game are beautiful!

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