Monday, June 20, 2011

The Hunter's Moon, Book Review

Gwen travels to Ireland to visit her cousin Findabhair, expecting a summer of backpacking, late nights, and the usual road trip adventures. But when Findabhair is kidnapped by the King of Faerie, Gwen must race to save her cousin before the rise of the Hunter's Moon, when the fairies need a human sacrifice.

The Hunter's Moon by O.R.Melling 
Paperback, 305 pages
Published May 2006 by Amulet Books


So after Wondrous Strange, i thought to give another chance to the faerie world. Once again it didn't really speak to me (i'm strongly starting to believe that i don't like fairies) but oh well...

There were two things i really liked about the book and some others that i didn't.
To start with the positive ones, the descriptions of Ireland, even though at times the details were too many, were the best world and place descriptions i've read. The author knew what she was talking about and literally she could bring the world to life. I remember i was reading at the store alone and i had forgot everything. There were no sounds of our world and i didn't even notice how fast the time passed. I was there. I was filling the places there. I had placed myself in, and they way the story was told made me think there was a Gandalf guy there telling me a story. I have to say i was really annoyed when a car passed out of the store and hit the horn. It was like someone throw me water and woke up.
The other thing i really liked was that our main character Gwen is a person you see around you all the time. She was no beautiful girl, it had her negatives and positive things (from love from chocolate to geek stuff) like any teenager has.

Now, even though i liked the first sight of Gwen i have to say i found her shallow and sometimes naive and easy trusting. Most of the characters made me believe that. There was nothing more in them except of what you were seeing. They were not annoying or you hated them, they just weren't developed enough.
I also had problem with the romance of Gwen. I accept to like someone with the first time you see him, but i can't put in mind that you can find your love of your life and also know it in less than 12 hours. You barely know the name of the person at that time and i can't say how much trust exists or what do you know of him/her.
As for the faerie world, it didn't really made excited or interested. I like how colorful and happy was but it didn't appeal to me.
Lastly, for the ending i was disappointed. You get a sad ending which fits the book but then the author change it to happy ending which i didn't enjoy.

I recommend the book mostly just to take a glimpse of Ireland. Now, if you are into the other things i didn't like,then even better for you.


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