Tuesday, June 7, 2011

We Listen To: Loreena McKennitt Discography by the amazingly awesome Commander Johnny! (Hell Yes!)

Commander's Log:...logging you i...where the hell have you been commander?

Shut up computah and log me in! I am here after a long....mission, yes mission, in the carribean. The flower colar is...for...camouflage yes! So down to the point. Loreen McKennit discography and stuffs

Why We Listen To It:

Well clearly if you wonder the above question then you havent heard any song of Loreena. Well to put it lightly they are just plain epic. They are mystical, quiet, some say stories, some say poems, but all of them paint pictures right in your head (Thanks for the words to say that Lyrica). They are very nice songs so to me they are a must to listen to! What? Well I post this now for many many reasons, first of all is that well the Boss the Yiota....overlord? yeah him..her, has been posting things alone and I felt that I needed to support her somehow. And if that is not correct then well I have to make up because clearly I havent been paying attention to the blog for just a few days. OK fine! for some time now! Sheesh you are nosy!

Back to the songs. I would make a possible tracklist for you guys just so you hear my favorite songs and say your opinions but instead I will just post just two of them so you will get a taste. However i have to give you a heads up that Loreena McKennitt is not mainstream orchestral epicness like the soundtracks of Hans Zimmer and Howard Shore, however to me its a taste of something exotic in music. You either will like it, or will be bored to sleep by it. That said, lets have our videos: *drumroll*

this is not Loreena but I was listening to it and it is equally awesome
YIOTA HANDS OFF THIS POST! Down! Bad overlord!

This is ALSO not Loreena but an awesome cover I was listening to. Alright fine here are your f***ing songs from Loreena you crybabies....

This is one of my favorites. It reminds me of Aladdin's story or the thousand and one nights. Generally Djin

Probably one of my favorites (With a final fantasy video just to get on Yiota's soft side for writing bullshit above :D Kisses and huuugs yiooootaaaaa)

Alright, this is it for now. Until I figured or find something cool and funny, unless Yiota murders me from this post, have fun listening to Loreena McKennitt or reading awesome books!

If Yiota DOES kill me, then rat her out to the police! (you will know, I will not have posted anything within a week!)


  1. WOW what an awesome post! The person that did this must be hella awesome and handsome and smart and funny!

  2. @JohnnyB No I think he is kind of a douchebag, I mean look at him! he looks like a caveman with those hair and beard, he needs to shave. Not to mention those stupid jammies.

  3. @JohnnyB Hands of his jammies!

    ps. Yiota I would pay to see your face when you see 3 comments and then realize its just me playing with myself. Literally, and no sexual pun intended

  4. Loreena is awesome, saw her live once and it was incredible.

  5. Love, Love, Love Loreena McKennitt! Great post!

  6. @Johnny: You are lucky from 3 reasons.
    1. I missed your posts
    2. You have some normal comments too
    3. I like the post

    Her songs are amazing! I have faved some of hers at youtube after you send me one XD

  7. Didn't know Johnny listened to Lereena too... She rulez :D


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