Sunday, June 26, 2011

4th Jemma Mega Blowout ( Day 1 )

Well...there are no books or anything for our In My Mailbox so we will skip it this week as well. Instead, me and Silvestro (and some other friends) went to the 4th Jemma Mega Blowout. It was a Comics & Books & Manga Bazaar held by and at Jemma Press.

It was our first time and we went at the store which was close to our university. It lasts 2 days (yesterday and today) at their 2 stores. Except offers and contest there were also signings. We didn't met anyone at the time we went. I don't know if you see a pattern here. First, how unorganized we were at ComicDom and now no signings.  Anyway, it was still cool. Oh and by cool, i mean literally and metaphorical. It was HOT outside so when we went in it was like paradise.

We searched the store which had magazines, books, manga, dvds, can imagine. Now, i'm thinking about it i should have take my camera. may don't know that i'm a lover of posters. My whole room is full of posters (big ones) so there was no way not to buy at least one. I didn't have much money at the time but now i know how close they are, i will certainly go back and buy all the Bleach posters they have :P And maybe some Dark Horse Graphic Novels ^^. Maybe Alice: Madness Returns ??

Silvestro also bought a poster with a dragon which i haven't noticed. The traitor didn't tell me and bought it for himself!!! He is the worst minion ever! I still love my posters though...and i got a Bleach one which was a dream of mine.

Let's take a look at what we bought.

I got those two posters. Aren't they cute?!! I will put them on my walls in a while. The big one is about half the size of my bed.

Also i got bookmarks. Silvestro said that i got ALL of their bookmarks and i didn't left any but i can say those are LIES! They had many more!! And they told me to take as many as i want xD. As always, many of them will be in for a giveaway here!!! I'm always thinking about you!

And this is Silvestro's poster. It's a close shot but imagine that is at the same size as the big one at my photo. was a nice day (if you keep out how unorganized Athens was cause of the Special Olympics and a road of 30 mins took me 2 hours!). And I have already start saving money so i can get back at the store and buy more things!

1. At the photo with my bookmarks you see two small books. There are first chapters from recently published books in Greek. I will putting a post up soon, with my thoughts on them.
2. Silvestro also got his 2nd pack of GetGlue stickers (love the Pirates stickers!)


  1. we should take some pictures from the shop also...
    they had some great figures, especially one big sentinel from matrix that was hanging from the ceilling :D

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