Thursday, June 16, 2011

"PotterMore": What do you think it is?

J.K. Rowling is working on a new Harry Potter project but no one knows what it is!!! It's frustrated and annoying! So...what do you think it is?
The info was released yesterday after the Secret Street Hunt that J.K. Rowling held. Information said it's NOT a new book but something equally exciting!

The only info we have is the "Coming Soon" website (revealed after the hunt's end):

and a tweet from the official PotterMore account:



  1. We heard (via Twitter) that it's a new online game and social networking site. Not sure *exactly* what that means or how it would work, but *possibly* you could create your own characters to interact with both the Harry Potter ones AND with the characters that other real life people created for themselves.

  2. i am so exited, i hope it is something like yiota said!

    @We Heart YA: i hope what you heard is not true, it is not exiting at all.. =(

    new book! new book! new book! (at least short stories XD)

  3. I do think it will be a gaming site!!



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