Monday, June 6, 2011

The Vampire Diaries (Season 2), TV Series Review

THE VAMPIRE DIARIES is the story of two vampire brothers obsessed with the same beautiful girl, and battling to control the fate of an entire town. During season one, Stefan and Damon Salvatore, returned to their hometown of Mystic Falls, Virginia, for very different reasons - Stefan was determined to get to know Elena Gilbert, who bears a striking resemblance to Katherine Pierce, the beautiful but ruthless vampire the brothers knew and loved in 1864, while Damon was intent on releasing Katherine from the tomb where he believed she was trapped by a witch's spell all those years ago.

Vampire Diaries ended last year, with an lovely cliffhanger of Katherine be back in town. While the series start with some really strong episodes with the dangerous Katherine, new werewolves, new vampires and the boys fighting over Elena they made me lose interest after episode 7.
After some point, the almost the whole town know of vampires. Almost all humans left turn out to something supernatural. Deaths with no reason. Turned into vampire with no reason at all. The romance is TOO MUCH. Elene is becoming annoyingly stubborn. Katherine is still alive. Epic fail final episode. Everyone wants to die for Elena. Bonnie is still alive (that's a minus for me), dead come back to life. And i could go on.... The only interesting characters now are Caroline, Tyler and Alaric.

I can't say much without spoiling more, but it became boring. I remember last year couldn't wait for next episode but now i almost forgot it was airing at times. Most people, liked it more than the previous. Well...i don't know. I watch too many series and i expect something special.

I can't say i won't watch it next year but i'm not sure i will manage to see one more full season if it goes like this.


  1. Oh l love that picture. Haven't seen it before. l have only just finished season 1!!!

  2. It's from the Season 2 shoot. The only of the promo pics i really liked XD

  3. I kinda agree with you. I found this season to be much less entertaining than season one, but I really liked some of the storylines, especially with Caroline and Tyler. I though Elijah was a great character too. Stefan and Elena just get on my nerves though and I preferred bad Damon to depressed Damon (still love him though <3). I'm hoping season 3 will be better.

  4. Yes! How i forgot about that! Depressed Damon sucks! I was so in love with him at Sn.1!

    And yes Caroline and Tyler are one of the best things for me as i said. And i liked Elijah from time to time.

  5. this season wasn't as good as the first but it had some very interesting parts.

    i really liked the were wolfs, it was a great addition to the show and i was so happy to see that Tyler had a bigger part, he is one of my favorite characters.

    i was so mad that Caroline didn't die, i wanted Damon to kill her so bad, it was so unfair that someone else had to die and not her...

    Elena, Elena's brother, Bonnie, Stefan were still annoying, i prefer Catherine to Elena.

    it is so frustrating when Elena and her brother mess everything up.

    Elijah was cool too, i liked him, but Claous is really bad for the role, i expected an other actor...

    finally i prefer bad Damon, but he is always great...

    the season finale though was disappointing, i didn't like it, hope the next season is better


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