Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Nikita (Season 1), TV Series Review

The story centers on a secret organization known as Division. Targeting young people from a troubled background, Division erases all evidence of their past lives and molds them into efficient spies and assassins. Nikita is the first recruit to escape and promises to bring down her former employers. Having trained Nikita, Michael, a Division operative, is ordered by his boss Percy to deal with his former student. In the meantime, Division continues training its recruits, Thom, Jaden, and the newest, Alex.

Firstly, need to say that i haven't see La Femme Nikita original tv series, so i don't know if it's copy, better or whatever. I will review it as a new series, never seen before.

All episodes are basically, missions of Nikita destroying opetations of Division with little clues of the main story now and then. Sometimes it's just has to do something with hers or Alex's past and are not really necessary for the story. Nikita, is a kick ass woman who beats big numbers of guys at each episode with sometimes not even a weapon her just because she is too awesome. And while this is something that can't happen it was really cool to see such a strong heroine around.

Unfortunately , big part of the series is Alex. A character which personally i didn't like. She was Nikita's secret apprentice trying to destroy division from inside. The thing is, that around Christmas the show should had changed name from "Nikita" to "Alex". Everything was around Alex almost until the season finale. And when i thought that finally we will get rid of her, they give her a new important role for next season.

Apart of that, i can say i enjoyed the show. It was full of action and an really interesting story at the same time. All the actors have done good job with their roles, especially the main ones (except Alex.she could do better). There was a period were CW lost some viewers because the show didn't have enough romance to keep the female viewers interested, so they had to increase its level a little after Christmas. They messed it up a little, when Nikita hooked up with one of the FBI guys, when was obvious she would be with Michael at the end. This certain move didn't make sense, but i guess they had to do something til Michael turn to the good side.

The show has currently signed for a 2nd season and there were times that its view ratings were bigger than Vampire Diaries as well.


  1. I LOVE Nikita! And actually I like Alex, because I think she's a nice contrast to the always-confident, always-in-control Nikita. She's more human, you know?

    That said, Nikita is the best, and I love Michael's evolution of the course of the season. And did you not LOVE the arc with Devon Sawa (who is super hot)??

    In general I think the story-writing has been great, although some of the individual scenes and dialogue could sometimes have been better. But there are tons of twists that I didn't see coming, and great supporting characters, like Thom, Fletcher, and Amanda.


  2. Well, I saw the original Nikita ( La Femme Nikita) and I loved it! It was amazing! Specially Michael.... :d
    But this copy is really nice... I mean, I only saw 5 episodes and I liked enough. I hope to see it the first season complete before the second comes out.

    Yeah, I thought the same thing... No Nikita, Alex... La Femme Alex...

  3. I had no idea about the show! Seems like an entertaining action-packed show.

  4. wasn't Nikita blond? is this a new version tv series?

  5. @We Heart YA: They gave her to much attention for me. Nikita is such an interesting person, and we didn't learn more about her as with Alex. Maybe that's cause i disliked her that much.

    Devon Sawa was cool! i liked how they find a way to save him. I really liked him as a char. And another favorite was Amanda and Birkoff.

    @Idris: Good to know the opinion of someone who have seen the old ones too. I didn't know there was a Michael there too.

    @Misha: yep it is! you might want to try it!

    @athanasia: the blonde Nikita is the old one. this one was released this year and it goes for a 2nd season at Fall.

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