Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Diary Of A Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules, Movie Review

In this sequel to 2010's surprise hit, Greg Heffley, the kid who made wimpy cool is back in an all-new family comedy based on the best-selling follow-up novel by Jeff Kinney. As he begins seventh grade, Greg and his older brother -- and chief tormentor -- Rodrick must deal with their parents' misguided attempts to have them bond.

After the epicness of Diary of a Wimpy Kid first movie, a new came to surpass it. Rodrick Rules is even more awesome and funny!

Greg is now at 8th grade. Once again tries to be popular (and we know how that turned out at the first movie) by hitting on a new girl. But most important his mother try to make him and his brother come closer. And then disaster happens! Rodrick is genius XD

The kids are doing pranks all the time and they try to keep up with their lies. It was way more funny than the first. I kinda missed Chloe Morez from the previous one, but the old cast managed to fill her place. There are more scenes with mum and dad and now i can see why they kids are the way they are.

Whatever age you are, i promise you will fall in love with it. It's not surprise that went better at Box Office than films which had way more promotion and were more famous at the time.
It's rumored a 3rd movie to be out sometime at 2012.


  1. yeah!!!! i am going to watch it as soon as i can! i really can't w8, i loved the first movie and i am sure i am gonna love this one too!!

  2. This movie made me laugh so hard I snorted... several times! It brought tears to my eyes. Jeff Kinney says there are going to be at least two more DOAWK books. Can't wait!

  3. Wimpy Kid rocks! I loved both movies, can't wait to see the third one! My brother and I laughed so hard we had stomach aches afterward.

  4. I wasn't sure if this was the sort of movie l would like but gonna give it a go! =)

  5. @Books For Company: I'm making all my friends see it and none so far disliked it :)

  6. Yes! I loved the guy who played Roderick in the first movie. He was so funny and perfectly captured his personality. I'm so happy to hear the sequel is even better than the first.

  7. @Small: Roderick is awesome! Best char of the series!

  8. i loved this one too, but i think that the first one was much much the first i laughed so hard, in the second i was just smiling...


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