Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Cult Of Osiris, Book Review

In Andy McDermott's brilliant new novel, Nina Wilde and Eddie Chase are on the hunt for the lost pyramid of Osiris...

The incredible secret of the Great Sphinx of Egypt is about to be revealed. An archaeological dig is preparing to open the Hall of Records, a repository of ancient knowledge hidden beneath the enigmatic statue. But on the night of the unveiling student Macy Sharif makes a shocking discovery: a religious cult already raiding the Hall of Records to find the location of the mythical Pyramid of Osiris. Framed by corrupt officials, she goes on the run, trying to reach the only people who can save her before she is silenced -- permanently. Discredited, jobless and broke, archaeologist Nina Wilde and ex-SAS soldier Eddie Chase have problems of their own -- until Macy's plea for help sends them on a deadly quest across the globe as they try to reach the mysterious pyramid before Khalid Osir, the charismatic leader of the OsirianTemple. But is the cult's motive purely greed... or something more sinister?

The Cult Of Osiris (Nina Wilde/Eddie Chase #5) by  Andy McDermott
Paperback, 533 pages
Published at 2009

Back with my guilty pleasure books. This time it's book #5 but i did stop buying this one, so i'm accepting congrats.

Andy's McDermott style doesn't really change. He keeps his Hollywood production book to create an adventure, once again with explosions, treachery, evil guys and well..everything that was in the previous books too. As i've said before, it's the usual Nina finds something, bad guys they hunt, they try to save the world, bad guys catch Nina, Nina helps them, Eddie saves her, there is a big explosion-revealing moment, they catch the bad guys, world saved. 

Unfortunately this one was the worst books of the series so far (maybe that's why i didn't buy the next one). The story wasn't presented well and made you interested or curious. The bad guys lacked style. Eddie's ex-girlfriend appears again. And Nina from a strong and lovable character has become one of the worst characters i know. She get jealous and pissed all the time. She in bad state. And instead to try and fix her problems, she sits in a corner and drinks. Don't get how Eddie is still with her. Of course they had a fight again! Dah!

In compare with the rest of the books, it was a disappointment. Maybe when i want to get into that kind of style again i will buy the next one but i don't know if i will manage not to kill Nina.. If you follow the series, you better stop either at the 2nd or 3rd book though. Until then it's worth its money.


  1. Hello, I'm a new follower! *waves* I found you via the Giveaway Hop, but I'll be back :)

    I've read the first two Nina/Eddie books and really enjoyed them, so it's disappointing to hear that they don't stay as good. I particularly liked Nina, so it sucks that she turns into a drinking, whining moaner.

    Ah well, I have the third one on my TBR so I've got a way to go before I get to the fifth one!

  2. @Hanna: I totally loved her at the start. You can see that at the reviews of the other books. She changed. It's like another person. At the point you are, the stories are still good.


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