Thursday, June 30, 2011

Transformers 3: Dark Of The Moon, Movie Review

The Autobots Bumblebee, Ratchet, Ironhide and Sideswipe led by Optimus Prime, are back in action, taking on the evil Decepticons, who are determined to avenge their defeat in 2009's Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. In this new movie, the Autobots and Decepticons become involved in a perilous space race between the U.S. and Russia, and once again human Sam Witwicky has to come to the aid of his robot friends. There's new characters too, including a new villain in the form of Shockwave, a longtime Transformers character who rules Cybertron while the Autobots and Decepticons battle it out on Earth. 


I wont even bother posting an overview. Alright, seriously, i dont say this about many action movies, and I am very cautious with sequels and general trilogies. But! I dont even know where to begin! Effects? Action scenes? More Actions scenes? did I mention the action scenes? I HAVE to mention the action scenes. Alright first things first.

The movie trailer SUCKS. I know what you will all say like "but it was so awesome and blah blah blah", well yeah, but it shames the movie. The trailer is actually too bad for the movie. Alright I need to take a few deep breaths. For starters lets begin. When someone mentions the transformers movies all I think about is action, cool cars and hot chick(s). Those of you that know me well enough know that I never watch a movie for either cool cars or hot chicks but this particular one is a definite must. First of all what I like is that there are no "touchy-feely" love-sex or whatever scenes. (If I want to see sex scenes I will go watch other types of movies, so please switch back to the action? thank you). Off course it had the romance, because I get it, the hero needs motivation and the ladies want their love story alright. But in this particular movie it had EVERYTHING. It had the romance that (at least to me) was more intense but on top of that it had the action scenes of all the previous movies COMBINED! Yeah, that much.

Another thing that was amazing is that I did not expect the way it was heading. And that does not happen to me often with movies such as these. There I was expecting the final battle when it was actually not even close. The effects were spectacular and the acting was good. Not like masterpiece but it was good.

To end with, the new lady of the movies. I dont know which was hotter, her legs, her face, the way she dressed or her accent. Personally I liked her a lot more than Jessica Alba or whatever the previous girl was (I am terrible with names, Yiota back me up). I found her hotter mainly because she didnt have to show so much skin in order to be sexy. She was sexy in a more..high class sort of way. Still I was there for the action and I got what I wanted.

P.S Dont even bother commenting, get up and go watch the movie.. go go go!


Yiota's Edit: Jessica Alba? Where the hell do you live? She was Megan Fox!!!!


  1. Alex want us to wait til next week to see it which is something i find really unfair! Did you watch in 3D or normal?

    By the way, the girl's accent is British. She is British i think. Her face is not really what i like but i do agree she has something more than Megan Fox. Something cuter which make her more sexy.

  2. In one minute I had Johnny's post in frond of me and then the post transformed, I guess by Yiota....

    Gossip part: Shia LaBeouf said in an interview that he had hooked up with Megan Fox, as well as the new girl on this movie. Which leads to the problem that Megan Fox was supposed to have a relationship with her now husband at that particular time.

    Johnny: Sorry for metioning this here....

  3. @nina: yes that was me! i made his post into a transformer :P LOL i just put an overview (cause some people may not know what it is) and another poster cause the other looked weird and oversized or something.and the trailer of course XD

    as for the gossip it's just gossip i believe. both girls have bfs and they are with them for years. The new one is with Jason Statham. Statham was even at the shooting sometimes to help her with her acting since she is a Victoria's Secret model. And LaBeouf has a gf too if i think.

    And we just made Johnny's post into a gossip column! XD

  4. I would like to see another Chronicles of Riddick game. I really liked the atmosphere and gameplay ideas.

  5. Yiota: I read everything on wiki (well, he didn't hook up with the new girl, I confused the names), and I'll admit it's the only thing I read regarding the gossip....

    And I know, I'm sorry Johnny, it was that I had to mention the gossip. I only read yesterday so it's still fresh into my mind....

  6. @asambilly:Did I miss something, how is Riddick related ? Ok I agree he is too cool but its too unconnected here...

    @Johnny:Shame on you for not remembering Megan Fox, everyone knows her :D
    And I think too that british accent is really hot.

    P.S. I hate gossip columns...

  7. THank you Silvestro.

    Well I will ask you just this, does megan fox remember me?

  8. @Johnny: did u even read the comments?:P cause i asked you a question XD
    Maybe she does *shifty*

  9. No you didnt ask me a question.

    And I am not surprised she does, I am too unique to be forgotten

    (You know what sucks Yiota? that I have medical statistics that proves the validity of my claim. I am cocky and right about it XD)

  10. Yes i did. First comment.

    what the hell are u talking about in the "()"?

  11. () I will answer in the msn.

    And I DONT FEEL like answering your questions...


  12. i wasn't going to watch this one but know you made me change my mind.

    "the ladies want their love story " no comment on that, it is sexist

    i had no idea about the gossip part and can someone post the name of the new girl cuz i can't find who she is?

    i don't like Megan Fox

    @silvestro: the british accent is so annoying, i hate it

  13. @Johnny: you are mean!

    @athanasia: British accent rocks! :O
    And here the new girl:

  14. @Athanasia: its not sexist, its true. If you dont believe me do a test. Go to a cinema that plays a movie like "Kill with an Uzi 7000" and check the ratio of men and women and then go to a movie like
    "Love will blossom in the night" and do the same.

    I bet my hand that in the action movie it will be at least 60-40 to the men's advantage and in the other love story it will be at least the same in favor of the women

  15. @athanasia-d: well british accent on men is a bit annoying but on girls it's sexy, but you wouldn't notice that cause you don't even care about girls ;)

    @Johnny: 60-40 ratio in romantic movies, nah I think it would be 80-20 girls-men and those 20 men would have been drawn there by their girlfriends :D

  16. @Silvestro

    I was thinking on going 90-10 but you never know. There might be men out there that dont enjoy action movies and shootouts. I know, preposterous, but we have to respect those strange strange individuals that clearly come from another world :P:P

  17. @Johnny, Silvestro: 90-10 is a little too much, but the 60-40 i agree, the part that i don't agree i that we can't say ALL the women love their romance and ALL the men love their action, there are exceptions out there XD

  18. @atnahasia never said that ALL women want romance and ALL men love action

  19. @Johnny: i know u haven't it just sounded like that


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