Sunday, June 5, 2011

In My Mailbox (29)

This week's mailbox is full of photos. I couldn't really take a video and i was too happy to not show you EVERYTHING of what i got. I'm starting with the book related things and go on with the awesome stuff later ;)

I bought I Am Number Four by Pittacus Lore with Alex on the cover. Plus, got some new bookmarks again (Athanasia too!) and i received my first GetGlue stickers.

And now....Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers Collector's Edition (5 DVD Box Set)!! Normally this, cost around 75 US Dollars but i found it only for about 7 US Dollars! How awesome is it?! Too bad they didn't have the rest boxes too XD

Anyway, this set is awesome. It has:
4 dvds ( 2 with the extended movie and another 2 with special features),
1 DVD related to Gollum accompanied with a small companion,
an authenticity certificate,
and a gollum statue made of stone or metal (surely not plastic. you can break a head with this thing).

Now i couldn't get a better pic of the statue since it's stuck in the box, and the only way to move it is to destroy the box and i really don't want to. So poor Gollum stays in! Everything has sketches from scenes from the movies. I took as many photos as i could.
Click on them for full size.

What did you get this week? Leave links at the comments.


  1. Wow, I want all of your bookmarks :D I really love bookmarks and never have enough :))

  2. *steals* I need a copy of I Am Number Four to put on my shelf! :)

  3. Great bookmarks. I haven't read I am number four yet, but the cover is gorgeous.

    I'm a new follower btw c: I'd love for you to follow back <3

    My IMM

  4. I loved I Am Number Four. Make sure after you read it to watch the movie. They're both really good. :-)

  5. Wow...the LOTR stuff is incredible! I still need to read the last book in the series (embarrassed!)
    My IMM

  6. i thought you were going to write that we tried to stop you !

    i want some credit about the bookmarks XD

  7. WOW! I am the biggest fan of The Lord of the Rings! My favorite among all favorites! Very cool.

  8. I love the bookmarks! I Am Number Four is on my TBR list, it's just finding the time for it that seems to be the problem! Hope you enjoy everything!

    Happy reading!

  9. @Nikki Finn: i'm getting extra bookmarks for giveaways!

    @Lisa: i was like that til some days ago.

    @Katie: thanks!! checking out your blog!!

    @Heather Simone: I've already seen the movie and it was awesome!

    @Alison: tsk tsk...kiddin...i guess if you have watch the movie it's okay. though the book has some cool extra scenes.

    @athanasia: no credit for you. you were mean with me for buying the LOTR package.

    @Rachel: ^^

    @Missy: you are not the only one with that kind of problems XD thanks!

    Checking out all of your mailboxes :)

  10. Oh wow! A very exciting week for you =)

  11. Wow! Lucky you. 7$ is a good price for that boxset!

    I haven't read I Am Number Four but I bought it... and I saw the movie.. Hope you like it!

    Happy Reading!

    My IMM


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