Friday, June 17, 2011

I Am Number Four (Book), Review

John is an extraordinary teen, masking his true identity and passing as a typical high-school student to elude a deadly enemy seeking to destroy him. Three like him have already been killed....He is Number Four.


The reason I read this book was because I saw the movie and liked it very much. I thought that reading it would be like watching the movie again, but I was wrong.

The good thing is the story. Being a book you get to know more details about Lorien, the Legacies and the lives of Henri and Four, which were helpful enough, because there not many explanations in the film. Also you get to know more about Four's relationship with Sam and Sarah, how it started and how he tells them the truth.

The bad things are not actually bad, but some annoying things you can find in books. An example is the fight scene at the end. It is not as breathtaking as the movie's, nor as anxious. Another thing is, and sorry for telling you, the characters' age. While in the film they are around seventeen, in the book they are about fourteen to fifthteen.

Bottom line, I recommend you the book because of the oppurtunity you'll have to learn more of the main characters. It was really good and I had a great time reading it.


  1. when i have watched a film, it is hard for me to read the book, the reason is the ending, i already know what will happen.

    when yiota bought the book i told her "what do you need it, you already know what will happen"

    but now i see why you read it, i might read it too!

    the characters are 14-15? that is bad, i would prefer them at their 20s (actually all the actors are around that age and not 17XD)

  2. Well, i will keep up with the story as long as its entertaining. Too bad the battle at the end it's not as good. And i really hope the age of the chars to not annoy me.

    @athanasia: a book is always different and better than the movie. there is no "i don't read it cause i know the end". most times it's even different. As for the actors, they are 20 but they clearly played 17+ years old. Except if in US the kids 14 look like that XD

  3. @yiota: i agree with you, the books are always better, but is it that exiting when you know the end? in the movies i don't care if i know the end, but in books i do...

    the actors are always 20+ and they play 17 year olds XD

  4. I'm currently reading the book and i noticed a small mistake:
    At some point in the book Henri finds an article about a girl in Argentina that saved a man in an earthquacke. I live in Argentina and considering it's location in the world and the earth plates it is impossible for a earthquake to happen there, let alone near the coast. Maby in Chile that is right next to it on the pacific side but not in argentina.
    i know it's a small mistake but i hate when writers don't look up their information to see if it's right, more so when they have no idea what they are talking about...

  5. @Anonymous: i totally understand what you mean. It happened a lot with me too, when they are using greek history and stuff in books.

  6. @Anonymous, yiota: i agree with both of you, it is really annoying when writers have no idea what they are talking about


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