Wednesday, June 29, 2011

What's New Wednesday #22

What's New Wednesday is hosted by us from now on! (Previously hosted by My Love Affair With Books ). We keep the idea Misha had at the start :) It's a round up for any interesting news we found the week that passed. Anyone who wants to participate, feel free and leave your links at the comments to check it out too. (if many people take part i will put up a linky).

In front of every little paragraph will be a tag ( Music,Movie, Book,etc) so in case you are not interested in something you can just skip it. At the end, are our week's finds.

[Books] New covers (credit Ya-Aholic, Mystifying Paranormal Reviews, Bookish, Bewitched Bookworms):

[Blog] Want to learn how to make a sidebar header? Small Review has once again your solution :)

[Book/Movie] First Hobbit photos!!! Woo!!!

[Book/Movie] How many of you have you read the Spook Series? Because they cast Ben Barnes at the apprentice and as far as i remember he was at the most 15 years old!

[Movie] Edgar Allan Poe fans? What do you think of John Cusack as him at the Raven movie?

[Movie] Fast and Furious 6 scheduled for 2013.

[Movie/Actor] R.I.P to the grandpa of the Princess Bride who passed away at the age of 83.

[Music] Music Videos: I Wanna Go by Britney, Love You Like A Love Song by Selena Gomez, You Make Me Feel by Cobra Starship

New in TBR (click for summaries):



  1. I am so excited about those pictures from The Hobbit! Can't wait for the movie.
    John Cusack as Edgar Allan Poe?? Hmmm.. I can't imagine it.

  2. I just love what you did here! So many absolutely fantastic news and infos gathered in one post :) Brilliant! :)
    I can't wait for the Hobbit, too!
    Poe? Hmm.. I'm not sure what I think about Cusack playing him.. I will tell after watching the whole thing :)

  3. What an excellent collection of news!

  4. Oh wow, Ben Barnes? Hm, I don't think he really fits the character, but I can't really complain about getting to look at him :) And another Fast and the Furious movie?? Haha, I love it!

    Thank you for including my link!

    I've read The Goblin Wood. I liked it, but I didn't like it as much as her other book The Last Night.

  5. @Misha: me too!!!

    @Evie & mendy: :D

    @Small: neither. But i just had to point out their mistake.
    And you are welcome :)

  6. "I Wanna Go" by Britney is great, i really liked it and yiota at the video clip she is totally the same with Avril L.

  7. @athanasia: ha! many said the same!


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