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Fringe ( Season 3 ), TV Series Review

FBI Agent Dunham, scientist Walter Bishop and his son Peter are tasked with investigating unexplainable cases. These cases may be the result of Walter opening a door to an alternate reality, which he did many years ago to save Peter's life. Can the team prevent a battle between these two realities? Will Peter discover his true identity, which Walter is desperate to keep hidden?

REVIEW (spoilers from previous seasons):
Season 3 starts with showing us how FauxOlivia has taken the part of real Olivia to the real world and how Olivia trying to survive at the other universe. After some point, and a lot of events that happened, each Olivia goes back to her worlds. Walter and Bishop are working on Walternate's machine. The observers are the usual weirdos who don't make sense.

Season 3 was the only season, that only few of the episodes weren't part of the main story but simple individuals. I think i liked that. And there was also episodes and fringe division accident on both sides. Our universe had the usual blueish opening while the other universe has a redish opening. One episode which was in the future had a greyish opening. I really love all those small things they do! Also, the observers had bigger part in it and you get to know some answers to some of the questions. Just a few though, still they are the biggest question of Fringe.

It's my 2nd favorite season (season 2 was my best) because we see both sides, there are many things happening and you finally see the true potential of the actors. All of them (except Peter), had to play full episodes with of the same person but with different characters. It was nice to see how they did that, and how good it was. You could actually believe that FauxOlivia-Olivia and Walternate-Walter were two different persons! They managed to fill them with life and show us their history.

The end has both universes and the machine open, trying to destroy one another. I'm not telling you who wins but i'm telling the very last scene was a huge "WHAT THE FUCK?". They knew exactly what do to bring their viewers back for the next season.

Once again it's full of awesome guest stars, Walter making even more new names Astir (how is that even possible?), full of action, new creepy events and lots of fun.


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  2. Thanks to your reviews I keep on adding new shows to my list! So many great shows out there :)

  3. Oh yes, I remember that final scene. I had to watch it twice to understand what happened. >_> Such as awesome show. <3

  4. "The observers are the usual weirdos who don't make sense."

    LOL, yeah, I don't know what's going on with them half the time :P I agree about the actors. I was so impressed with how well they played their different roles. They really were believably two different people.

  5. @Dazzling Mage: (awesome name btw) and yeah it was really "huh?". i'm wondering what they will do now XD

    @Small: If you check the post closer, next to Peter is an observer! I had the photo as my wall when i saw too and i was like "not there too!!!!". Hahaha!

  6. i will watch this one too!! i hope yiota it is not that scary XD i remember at first you were really influenced...

  7. @athanasia: it's not scary. i just have wild imagination which can create weird dreams.

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  9. season 3 was my least favorite, i loved the first two seasons, they had more fringe events and Olivia-Peter-Walter tried to solve the crimes, i love crime solving !

    i didn't like this season because it had episodes from the past and the future i just want to watch "normal" fringe episodes...

    Walter is disgustingly old, i only like him when he plays Walter, Walternet and Walter at young age disgust me

    the season finale doesn't make sense at all, they made it really complicated like "Lost" and i am afraid that it is going to be disappointing too..

    apart from the 3rd season finale and Walter, fringe is one of my favorite tv shows, thanxx yiota for recommending it!

    can't w8 for season 4!!!


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