Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Waiting For Forever & Lincoln Lawyer, Movie Reviews

Best friends while they were growing up, Emma (Rachel Bilson) and Will (Tom Sturridge) lost touch a long time ago-as far as she knows. To Will, Emma never stopped being the most important person in his life. Believing them to be forever linked, he goes wherever she goes. Will doesn't have a home, a car, or a "real" job. He survives on his talent as a juggler and entertainer-talents honed through years of showing off for Emma. When her father gets sick, Emma returns to their hometown, trying to leave behind her complicated love life and failing career as a TV actress. As its characters face love, death and their own preconceptions, "Waiting for Forever" questions the realities of life.

That's one of the sweetest movies ever! Will is a boy, who after his death of his father stops seeing the world as the rest of the people. After years, and he still is in love with the girl from when he was little and he strongly believes she will be with him, he doesn't have a job and lives as a joggler and he never told Emma how much he loves her.Finally find the courage to tell her but when she learns how obsessed he is with her, everything falling apart. And it's the first time Will starts to thinks as an adult.
Both Rachel Bilson and Tom Sturridge are so cute as a couple and Tom did an amazing job, playing his unique character. He found the way to pass his feelings into me and make think and feel like him. Smile with little things. If you love sweet romantic movies, i recommend this one to you. It's just so cute <3

Mickey Haller (Matthew McConaughey) is a Los Angeles criminal defense attorney who operates out of the back of his Lincoln sedan. Haller has spent most of his career defending garden-variety criminals, until he lands the case of his career: defending Louis Roulet (Ryan Phillippe), a Beverly Hills playboy accused of rape and attempted murder. But the seemingly straightforward case suddenly develops into a deadly game of survival for Haller.

I have a big love for Matthew McConaughey. He is so handsome and such a great actor. I'm watching almost all of his movies, and that was the reason i picked Lincoln Layer. I wasn't sure if it was my style.
His acting once again, was really good, though he has better performances in his list.
What i liked most was the story. The laywer of the bad guys. Mickey Haller wasn't trying to free the bad guys, but he was trying to make the judges give the right punishment according the law, since even those people have rights. The most badass lawyer in the court. And when he got into trouble, even then at the end managed to bring justice. A more serious and slow storyline but still so great. An intense crime drama, with little surprises.


  1. Off to add these to my film list, thanks!

  2. "waiting for forever" is not a sweet movie, it is really creepy, there is a guy who is a stalker, he is sick it is not romantic he is mentally ill..

    i didn't like Tom Sturridge
    Rachel Bilson was really good though, i like her as an actress a lot

  3. i can't wait to see "The Lincoln Lawyer", Matthew McConaughey is one of my favorite actors and i enjoy all his films, in this one though we see him in a different role, it is not a romantic comedy so i am very intrigued to see it...

  4. @athanasia: you are mean XD you didn't get the feeling of it.

  5. the "The Lincoln Lawyer" was such a great movie, i love those kind of movies and this one had great performances, great scenario, it had action, agony, a great plot...

    as i said Matthew McConaughey is one of my favorite actors and i am so glad he decided to do this movie, we saw a different side of him, it was great


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