Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Demon King, Review

Han has vowed that he will no longer steal, no matter how bad things get for his mom and sister. But life isn't easy, and the mysterious silver cuffs that have always been clasped to his wrists seem to promise no help for the future.

When Han catches wizards setting fire to the sacred mountain of Hanalea, he forces a confrontation-and gains possession of an amulet carried by one of the wizards. This is no ordinary amulet, however, and Han learns that it once belonged to the legendary evil Demon King. Knowing that the wizards will stop at nothing to reclaim the amulet, Han has to summon every ounce of his courage to ensure the amulet isn't used for worldwide destruction.

Cinda Williams Chima won accolades for her New York Times best-selling Heir Trilogy. The first of a new young adult trilogy, The Demon King features a sterling narration from acclaimed vocal talent Carol Monda.

First i have to say how much i love the cover (and no it's not it has a dragon in it). I found it really epic and i wouldn't mind if i have a staff like it! :p

Cinda Williams writing was exactly how i like epic fantasy. There are times that fantasy writers with their own worlds, writing with too many details trying to explain their world better but it doesn't have the effect they want. Ms. Williams used her details where they were needed. She didn't hurried to explain her world from the start but was explaining everything necessary at their time. 
The story also has many characters. And characters are another difficult subject in fantasy. If they are many and don't place them right, there is mess. Here they were placed from time to time and after you had already meet and knew a lot about the previous characters used. Even the secondary ones had full stories and you could see them real and important to the story.
The story itself was clever and original. Well of course there are demons,bad magicians, romance with knights but it feels different than the others. I couldn't really see through it and that's why i enjoyed. Everything felt totally new and i loved the way i was getting into it.

There was one negative thing that really annoy me. I was really confused with the places. The descriptions were perfect but i couldn't place them in the world. It was telling you where everything was placed but for some reason I really had no idea where what was and i wish the book had a map in!

Fantasy lovers should definetelly try it! Obviously it's not Martin's, Tolkien's, Feist's big huge epic fantasy worlds. It's a more lighter read in a smaller range than the ones i mentioned but it's still really good.

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  1. I was going to buy this, but then I had second thoughts and ended up leaving it :/. I'm upset I did now, it sounds really good! Glad you enjoyed it, thanks for the review.

  2. well this time i agree with yiota about the cover!! it is really nice!

    i don't read books like that a lot, but this one sounds really nice...


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