Tuesday, March 1, 2011

We Listen: "Goodbye Lullaby" by Avril Lavigne

I know most of you already know Avril Lavigne and for those who have a hind on her career, you will know that her last album was released 4 years ago! That's a big break my friends. Anyway, her new album "Goodbye Lullaby" has the release date set for March 8th and everyone is expecting it. People say that's she is going back to her roots, i say that once again she gives away a different sound. It's more like all her previous work combined. I actually didn't expect much from her, since looked sell out lately but i was surprised. I actually feel bad for replacing her poster with at HP one at my room :P
Even when i though i got over my addiction with her, once again she managed to write songs which speak to me. The whole album is really calm and mostly acoustic-y stuff. Guitars and pianos with a cute melody. She has write all of the songs (if i remember right) and produced one as well. "What The Hell" is the only upbit song, and it was actually forced by her record company because they wanted radio friendly song. The songs are about love, breaking up and hold on and have power. I feel like she wrote the album about her ex-husband. It's my favourite after Under My Skin ^^

I don't know if i will manage any of the songs except What The Hell at Youtube to share with you, but i will try.
For Release at March 8th,2011

  1. Black Star *it's like a lullaby*
  2. What The Hell *it's not that good,but it's so freaking catchy and stuck at ur head!*
  3. Push *i don't like Evan's voice..."maybe you just shut up", as the songs says*
  4. Wish You Were Here *i don't get why everyone likes it that much?*
  5. Smile *such a cutie! SMILE*
  6. Stop Standing There *get ur ass and do something!^^*
  7. I Love You *not really into that kind of songs, but has a good sound*
  8. Everybody Hurts *My fav song of the album!Brings a smile at my face*
  9. Not Enough *it's like When September Ends melody, it's cool though*
  10. 4 Real *don't care about it. disappear!*
  11. Darlin *2nd fav from the album and she actually wrote this one when she was 15!*
  12. Remember When *ermm..don't remember this one*
  13. Goodbye *Beautiful*
  14. Alice (Hidden Track) *From Alice In Wonderland! Nice one!*


  1. I think there is a spelling mistake? :P Lullaby it should be, haha ;) Anyway, still have not listened to it, still waiting until it officially comes out :D

  2. Ah, I see that you corrected it now, haha ;) :P

  3. LOL! Yiota you better prey Avril doesnt see this XD

  4. @Lisa: heh..yeah thanks!

    @Johnny: why? i actually tweeted it to her:p Twice!

  5. you are si getting sued lmao

  6. Thanks for sharing.. Didn´t know she was out with a new album.. But think I wanna buy this one :D

  7. It's been so long since I listened to a song by Avril Lavigne. I didn't even know about her new album. Thanks for the review!

  8. "What The Hell" totally stucks! i actuall like it, it is fun XD

    i listened a little from the album (with you) and there were some songs that i like and others that were boring, generally i'm not crazy about her songs only for her hits (so shallow i know XD)

  9. I haven't listened Avril Lavigne since high-school....I didn't know about her new album.... You dn't sound like you liked it though....

  10. Songs are very good source of entertainment. Writing song is good technique

  11. this album made me love avril all over again, it was so long since i listened to here.


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