Thursday, March 31, 2011

Old Movies Part I

Recently i had a change of heart and for some reason, i started re-watching old movies. I will handle the reviews in 3 parts.
Part I: Zoom, Sky High, It's A Boy Girl Thing, The Extraordinary Adventures of Adele Blanc-Sec
Part II: Becoming Jane, The Pacifier, The Dark Is Rising

In Revolution Studios' comedy Zoom, Tim Allen plays Jack, formerly Captain Zoom, an out-of-shape former superhero who has lost his powers. Jack is reluctantly called back into action to turn a ragtag group of kids into a new generation of superheroes and save the world from certain destruction.

That's probably my favourite movie with Tim Allen. I'm not really fan of his. His acting missing something and at least in this one was funny. What i like a lot in this movie, is that big part of it is the training of the new heroes. And i'm sure you can imagine how fun that can be. Most superheroes movies are more into the relationships and the action but this one gave training a bigger part. All of the kids were really great in their roles, except maybe the big guy who turns invisible. He was a new actor and you could see it.
The only really special superpower was Courtney Cox's (yeah she's in too) with the air whistling or something. The script has some good lines and they had took care of it and the special effects still look really good even after the 5 years that have passed (in visual effects that time is a big period of change).

Will Stronghold (Michael Angarano) is full of teen angst about friends, grades, and girls... in other words, Will is just another suburban teen about to start high school. If that isn't enough to deal with, Will has the added pressure of being the third generation of the Stronghold family to attend the esteemed and celebrated Sky High. This elite school is entrusted with the responsibility of molding today's power-gifted students into tomorrow's superheroes. The only problem... Will is starting his freshman year without any super powers of his own. Labeled a sidekick, Will is bullied by the jock with the power to stretch, humiliated by a kid with super speed, stalked by the outcast who shoots fire from his hands, and teased the cheerleader who can replicate herself into an entire cheer squad. Worst of all, he must hide all of his troubles or face the disappointment of his parents, the crime-fighting duo - The Commander (Kurt Russell) and Jetstream (Kelly Preston) - the most revered and beloved superheroes in the business today.

REVIEW: Another superhero movie! This one stands out for the originality. Superheroes are not only famous, but people also know their names and their real jobs in this one. That's why when the magic bus for the heroes schools turns on the street no one really notice. While of course big part of the movie is the story with the epic villain, another one is how different everyone acts and bully the sidekicks. At the end the sidekicks kick some ass along with some heroes. There is also action, fun, romance, friends, fights, secret's full of the usual hero things. I don't have anything bad to say about the actors. They were all really good and they really matched with their characters. I can watch it again and again and enjoy it like it was first time. The special effects were once again really good, despite the fact that the movie is not one of the big ones.

Sworn enemies find themselves in each other's bodies, and use this to ruin each other's lives.

Now that's not a really good movie. It's poor done from almost every aspect. The only good thing about it is Kevin Zegers who really is a great actor. He haven't disappoint me, so far. But now you ask.."why did u watch it then?" The answer is that is one of the most real teenage movies i've seen. Well of course not the switch bodies thing, but their reactions are priceless. Especially things that a boy doesn't know about a girl and the opposite. For that, i watched it again. It make me giggle.

Published since 1976, with nine novels to date, Aventures is set between 1911 and 1922 in a Paris traumatized by World War I.

Their heroine, Adele Blanc-Sec, a fetching popular novelist pursued by dumb cops, monsters, rancorous villains and wannabe lovers, is sometimes taken as an early feminist figure in French comic books.

If you don't like French stop reading now. The movie is French, though i watched it in Mandarin (can you believe English weren't available?) cause i don't like them either.
It was weird. It had dinosaurs, weird humor (sometimes), Egyptians, necromancy, some Indiana Jones and at the end i saw Titanic too. So apart of this interesting (?) story, which i founded a bit feminist too, it has some other worth mentioned things.
The special effects were wow. Everything was actually remind me of the big Hollywood movies. It didn't luck a thing. It was enjoyable adventure i have to say. Just watch the trailer and you will see how good job was done with it.
If there was an English version i wouldn't mind to re-watch it.


  1. ok yiota don't hate me, but i haven't sen any of those movies, not a single one XD

    "if you don't like French stop reading now." i stoped !!!

    nice post =D

  2. dont worry, at THIS post I havent seen the movies as well, though I will see them soon

  3. I think I have seen sky high but I'm not really sure...
    For the other movies I'm pretty sure I haven't :D

  4. Zoom and Sky High are two of our families favorites.

  5. Sky High was a fun movie! I haven't watched the other two.


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