Friday, March 25, 2011

Season Of The Witch, Review

Oscar® winner Nicolas Cage (National Treasure, Ghost Rider) and Ron Perlman (Hellboy, Hellboy II) star in this supernatural action adventure about a heroic Crusader and his fellow soldier who must transport a woman accused of being a witch to a remote monastery. The arduous journey across perilous terrain tests their strength and courage as they discover the girl’s secret and find themselves battling a terrifyingly powerful force that will determine the fate of the world. 

REVIEW (select the white parts to read the spoilers):
I remember like yesterday my friends and I at the cinema discussing on how much we wanted to watch this movie, and it's a year from that time. Unfortunatelly the Johnny missed it but i promised him we will watch it again with him when he gets back.

But did the movie was like what we were expecting? Yes and no!
At the first 5 mins i almost screamed. It was like epic creepy and i got afraid. I was like "opsiee...wrong movie". I know the two friends beside my felt like that too. At the next 10 mins we calmed down but that's when the comments started. There are scenes from crusades that Cage and Perlamn, supposed they took part and the only thing i remember was Xrisanthi whining that some of those Crusades don't exist and my comments on how their blades were ALWAYS clean! Not even a drop of blood! It was hilarious! After that, we finally closed our mouths and start paying attention.
The story was the company of some fighters,etc transport a witch to a monastery. It flowed really good, with mystery,action and i really liked it. It was creepy and stuff...until it came to the end. *SPOILER* At the end something odd happened. There was a transformation to a demon, and some weird ninja zombies.It just started to not make sense anymore and it became somewhat stupid.*SPOILER*

As for the charcters. Cage's characters was the "hero-good guy" but still badass. Nothing new there. There Perlman's character who was huge (we named him "Bear") and had some jokes and ironic comments most of the time. We had a priest, *SPOILER* which we wanted to die and eventually did but then we wanted him to live. *SPOILER* There was also a boy who wanted to be a knight and he had the most unique way to use his sword ( he was keeping it from the sharp side). Another guy, who i don't remember what he was, the driver and the witch. Oh the witch! The best casting of the film! She was creepy and sweet. You were "oh come on..she is so good and sweet and cute and beautiful" and later you were "oh my god!she is a witch! she will kill them all! weeeee". She was terrific, really! Nice job there!

I think that's all. I have mix feelings for the movie since it was fun,scary and weird. It was cool though! Now, it's your choice....


  1. one comment it wasn't just was freaking scary at some point.
    In the first 5-10 i could easily tell that it was far scarier than "The Dark Village" which was the 1st -sort of- thriller that i ever watched

    But other than that it was a good film

    PS Master Yiota the other guy u mentioned was also a knight that lost his daughter to the plague

  2. @Anonymous: oh right! thanks my anonymous minion! It's not my fault i don't remember him. I remembered that driver guy, just before i hit Post.

    And also is "The Village" not "The Dark Village".

  3. watched this movie last week and surprisingly enough i enjoyed it :) thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  4. I have read the book, which freaked me out. I am not sure I have the courage to sit through the movie...

  5. It was book?:O I didn't know about that!

  6. well i haven't watched that and after what you all said i'm not going to, it sounds so scary!!

    i really like the poster though XD

  7. all this time i had the movie and i didn't watch it because you all said it was scary.

    the movie was not scary at all, it was nothing, even the first 5-10 min, i was expecting something scary to happen but nothing did.

    and how come nobody said that Nicolas Cage was blond? XD he looked so funny

    the plot was nothing unique, the witch wasn't interesting at all, i only liked the "bear" (Felon).

    i was bored actually and i fast forwarded the fight scenes.

    bottom line not scary at all + boring !

  8. @athanasia: you didn't have the right atmosphere that's why. As for the boring part, i can't agree. I find it interesting to go on.

  9. @athanasia: thanks for the spoiler parts -_-

  10. So far I am at 40 minutes, the movie is pretty good

  11. @Athanasia, no wonder you didnt like the movie, you didnt see half of it. The fighting scenes in the end are a bit crucial to the story and I dont say that because I like fighting scenes but because they are a vital part in Bemen or whatever his name is. Also it was not scary, at least in the afternoon with light and from a laptop but it is creepy that is true. Its a very good movie but you have to pay attention to what they say and do and not at Nicolas Cage having blond hair. It kinda shows the 2 sides of the church.

    Spoiler Quote: Priest:"They saw her mumbling words and four days later the plague came to our village thats how we knew she was a witch"
    Dude: "In my town there were no such words for a girl and yet the plague came"

    Despite the fact that yes she was a witch, this conversation shows the beliefs and logic in which the church ruled in the medieval days. I found it nice to be shown

  12. Ok, so, I saw the movie couple days ago and I have to agree with what Johnny said, it was more than just a movie....Now, about the scary parts, it wasn't that scary, but it had one, maybe two jumpy moments, and the whole atmosphere was kind of creepy....

  13. @Johnny-nina: thank you guys!

  14. @johnny: there are no spoilers =S

    i liked that they showed the church in the medieval days but apart from that the movie had nothing to offer, the fight scenes were boring, (i saw everything, when Felon died) but generally i was bored and you are right that in a room with the lights on and a laptop it wouldn't be scary but it had nothing scary even if i watched it at a cinema...

  15. @athanasia: you just spoiled :P

  16. @Athanasia I did not find them boring. Well if you are in medieval fight and all then ok. but i think that goes down to preference. They were not unique either so I give you that


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