Sunday, March 6, 2011

Going the Distance : Review

About: Erin's (Drew Barrymore) wry wit and unfiltered frankness charm newly single Garrett (Justin Long) over beer, bar trivia and breakfast the next morning. Their chemistry sparks a full-fledged summer fling, but neither expects it to last once Erin heads home to San Francisco and Garrett stays behind for his job in New York City. But when six weeks of romping through the city inadvertently become meaningful, neither is sure they want it to end. And while Garrett's friends, Box (Jason Sudeikis) and Dan (Charlie Day), joke about his pre-flight calorie-cutting and his full-time relationship with his cell phone, they don't like losing their best drinking buddy to yet another rocky romance. At the same time, Erin's high-strung, overprotective married sister, Corrine (Christina Applegate), wants to keep Erin from heading down an all-too-familiar road. But despite the opposite coasts, the nay-saying friends and family, and a few unexpected temptations, the couple just might have found something like love, and with the help of a lot of texting, sexting and late-night phone calls, they might actually go the distance.

Review: Drew Barrymore is one of my favorite actresses, she is very pretty, very talented and I always enjoy her movies. When I found out she made “Going the distance” I really wanted to see it, I was also in the mood for a romantic comedy, so I watched it yesterday. To begin with I really liked the story, it is for a couple that lives far away but do not want to end their relationship, so on the one hand there are funny moments like when Garrett talks to her about his lips, but also on the other hand there are sad moments, when they really miss each other. Generally it is a comedy so expect more fun than sorrow! Justin Long was a surprise for me, I knew him as an actor but I really liked him in this film, he was funny, sweet, perfect for this role and in my opinion a great match for Drew Barrymore. Of course she was great too, she is really good in comedy. Garrett's friends, Box (Jason Sudeikis) and Dan (Charlie Day) are hilarious, there are always weird, funny characters in almost all the movies, but they take it to a different level! One of my favorite scenes in the movie is when Erin's sister, Corrine (Christina Applegate) and her husband walk in on her and Garrett, it is so funny! The only thing that I did not like is the beginning of the movie, when the two actors get high, except that minor detail, it is a lovely movie that you all should watch..

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  1. I wanna watch this one! Lovely review!
    I totally love Justin Long!


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