Thursday, March 3, 2011

Skulduggery Pleasant #1 : Review

About: Meet Skulduggery Pleasant, Ace Detective Snappy Dresser Razor–tongued Wit Crackerjack Sorcerer and Walking, Talking, Fire-throwing Skeleton —as well as ally, protector, and mentor of Stephanie Edgley, a very unusual and darkly talented twelve-year-old. These two alone must defeat an all-consuming ancient evil.

The end of the world?

Over his dead body.

Review: I learned about Skulduggery Pleasant, from a “Should be movies” written by Yiota and immediately I wanted to read the books. This review is about the first one, there are more which I am definitely going to read. For starters Skulduggery Pleasant is a book for kids, but that does not mean that an adult can not enjoy it. I totally loved it. Skulduggery Pleasant and Stephanie team up to save the world from an evil sorcerer, the story is so well written, with suspense that you can not stop reading. Skulduggery Pleasant and Stephanie are two very funny characters and their dialogs are so clever! Also this book is about magic and adventures, you just can not but love it. Finally in this book I read the funniest and most clever author biography I have ever read! To sum up Skulduggery Pleasant is a book every child and adult will enjoy.


  1. Told ya it was good! I totally love the book!
    I need to get the next ones too :P

  2. I want to read it now as well XD

  3. The plot is kind of unique....How many books are they??

  4. Phew...Thought I was the only one above the age of 12 to read this. Got me frightened a little. 8 Books now, 9th one on the way apparently.


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