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Spotlight List: Stories With Dragons

New meme! New meme! New meme! Yay! Sooo...Spotlight List is a totally awesome meme by Small Review, and its actually one of the things that grows my TBR every week. Every week, we create a theme and then we do a top list on it. Small Review already has Spotlight Posts about Fantasy, Gothic, Historical Fiction, Retold Stories you might want to check out.
So decided will do it too! Since we have many bloggers and not only books related things, our lists will have an interesting variety. Every week, one of us will pick a theme and create the list. Then everyone will comment on this list!

I will do the start with the meme, and what better than to share one of my loves? DRAGONS! WOO!  It's also our first try, so don't be mean with us.We are still working on it! Oh! Click at the titles to learn more about them!


Stories With Dragons
You already know by now my love for dragons. Dragons, are mythical creatures which portrayed differently in most of the stories. No matter what, that subject fascinates me! I always wanted to have one and i still want. I'm waiting....Anyway, here some stories with dragons that i was " too!". Since those are my picks, you might some negative comments from people who don't have the good taste i have from the rest lovely authors or maybe no comments cause they have no idea what i'm talking about. ^^

Eon/Eona by Alisson Goodman (Book)
Yiota: Probably one of the best books with dragons i've read. Well made characters accompanied with an amazing and unique story.
Japanese a-like but without weird monsters and stuff. The dragons are clever and strong and protectors of the worlds. Exactly how i like it.
Athanasia: i have never read those books, but i like dragons, not as much as yiota.. i think they are cool and stuff but the are scary and they can hurt you even if they don't want to, imagine a dragon sneeze, he will burn you instantly even if you are friends...
Johnny: -
Nina: Seems like a nice book. I really like the cover and Yiota's review about it made me want to read it.

DragonHeat (Movie)
Yiota: One of the best movies and sweetest tales ever! Some dragonslayers, and evil prince, a loyal knight and of course a dragon.
The dragon who is giving half his heart to save the prince and how that turn out. I could watch it again and again, no matter how old it is.
Athanasia: that is a very sweet movie.. i saw it when i was younger..
Johnny: Agreed! but you forgot one major thing about this movie. SEAN KONNERY!
Nina: I really liked the movie. I have to admit that it was the first Dragon movie I ever saw. I always rewatch it when played on tv.

Eragon (Books/Movies)
Yiota: I might whining about Paolini taking a lifetime to write the last book or how predictable it is but i need to admit that Eragon put dragons back to life and is certainly
an enjoyable story. If Paolini has done something good, is his dragons. Giving the power and making intelligent is always a good recipe.
Athanasia: Eragon is the most famous dragon (at least for me), he is great and everythink but i can't get more exited about dragons..
Johnny: To be honest i am not all that psyched. The dragons are kinda cliched and i absolutelly want to punch Eragon in the face. I only read this book for 2 main reasons, Murtang and Roran
Nina: I bought the book in high-school and I remember how crazy Yiota was about it. I kind of lost it while I was moving so I haven't managed to read it yet. But I will and I know I'm going to love it.

The Hobbit (Books/Soon-To-Be-Movie)
Yiota: While the dragons is not the main theme of the story, Tolkien took the original tales of dragons and put them in his book.
Our dragon is here love treasures and guard them in his cave. Bilbo of course, has other things in mind so problems are coming up.
Even if the dragon was mean here, i had to say i liked him. It was another up roach but still good.
Athanasia: i'm exited about "The Hobbit", i'm going to see the movie, probably i'll like too but i hate tolkiens books, his writing style is soooo boring he just puts me in sleep XD
Johnny: -
Nina: Tolkein writes about Dragons. That will be interesting. I look forward for the movie

How To Train Your Dragon (Book/Movie)
Yiota: Toothless is probably the cutest dragon ever. The ultimate pet. Doesn't matter if it's big and killing, it's cute and i want it!
As for the story, might be for kids but is so cool and original. Playing with Vikings and Dragons defenitelly gave out a good result.
Athanasia: ohhhh haven't seen it yet but it is so cute..
Johnny: One of the best movies with dragons without a doubt. Its funny how dragons are so stupid and clever at the same time
Nina: I wanted to see this movie just because it was a cartoon. The dragons here are so cute.

-Dungeons & Dragons (Books/Movies/Games)
-Voices of Dragons (Books)
-Smoke Thied (Books)
-Raising Dragons (Books)


  1. Cool new meme. I LOVE dragons! I've read a few of these already but the ones I haven't I'll be adding them to my TBR list a.s.a.p.!

  2. Yay for The Hobbit! I love J.R.R Tolkien and I 'm excited about the upcoming movie version since it has Richard Armitage in it :D

  3. This is fantastic! I love how you all commented on each book/movie. What a wonderful topic you chose too! It doesn't get much better than dragons.

    I so need to get around to reading Eon/Eona. Ah, and Dragonheart. *sigh* I love Dragonheart. I think I'm going to go order a copy from the library now and do a rewatch.

  4. I've read both Eon by Alison Goodman and The Hobbit. Both are wonderful reads, and the dragons make them what they are! Great meme!


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