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Spotlight List: Cliche Phrases Which We Can't Just Get Enough Of Them II

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Cliche Phrases Which We Can't Just Get Enough Of Them II (Part I)
by Johnny
*Yiota's msg: Many of the phrases were picked by Athanasia but we let Johnny do the scenes*

I thought of this because we all see movies and books, and those phrases are so cliched we dont even pay attention to them. So here are some of them, as well as some questions and things we have noticed about them now that we think about them.

This Is Not What You Think It Is!
the dude enters the house. He hears the whole wild monkey sex sounds from the bedroom. He busts the door open and he sees his girlfriend doing some crazy ass animal stuff with his friend. They both turn to him and yell THIS IS NOT WHAT YOU THINK IT IS!
Johnny: Oh really? REALLY? COS I THINK YOU WERE PLAYING POKER! I mean really, is this the best you can do? I mean...what ELSE could it be? you find out you have something stuck in your mouth and he tries to reach it with his penis? I think you are trying it wrong either way. Its the most pathetic and cliched thing someone could say in this occasion
Athanasia: this is the most cliche phrase ever and what bothers me is that no one has the balls to stay and ask "so...what is it?", everyone leaves angry or shoots (yiota change the spelling) the guy !!
Nina: It's one of the classic ones. Seriously, I believe, that there is nothing else to say if you get caught doing something that you shouldn't. I burst into laughter everytime I hear it. 
Yiota: 1.Athanasia i have no idea for what spelling you are talking about XD 2.Johnny thanks for the nice images you created in my mind! 3.I can stop laughing with this pic i put with the tiger...heheheh 4.It's funny that i think of an alternative for someone to say in this occasion...i mean what else can you do?stare or apologize?

Why I do this you ask? Because i will conquer the world and then kill you! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
Always followed with either "I will Conquer The World" or the "I want to see you suffer first" line by an evil person.
Johnny: Now, seriously, what is it with this laugh? Do all villains go to the same laughing school and learn to laugh like this to get their evil diploma? I mean they always laugh in the same way, facing the sky, with their hands croockedly shaped as if they are holding the power of everything in their hands. I so love this laugh, its so funny and cliched. I would like to see an evil person or an evil chick giggle like a school boy/girl for once. THAT would be unique
Athanasia: you can not be an evil guy that respects himself without an evil laugh like mouahaha, it is just wrong, an evil guy laughing like a school girl? who would be afraid of him?
Nina:I agree with Johnny in this one. There is a special school or something?? But everytime this laugh makes the hair on the back of my head raise. 
Yiota: At Wizards of Waverly Place an evil guy had an evil laugh as a ring-tone so don't have to laugh again and again! lmao! Also i would probably start laughing in front of the evil person...except if it was creepy :p

Nothing Can Stop Me
(now this is hard) The hero runs on a collapsing staircase and towards the laughing bad guy (remember the muahahaha thing?) and as he goes the girl shouts "where are you going?! you will get killed!!" The hero, now armed with the magic sword of awesomnes shouts back "DONT WORRY, NOTHING CAN STOP ME!"
Johnny:now i love this line because it is used both by villains and heroes it is funny because it is the most arrogant lie ever nothing can stop me? really? how about if I shoot you between the eyes, that would be a bummer now wouldnt it?
Athanasia: i prefer "nothing can stop me" from villains, when the hero says it it's lame, but when the villain does... it's epic! actually every time the hero stops the villain or the opposite !
Nina: orry buddy, but there are lots of things that can stop you. But in order to make the girl sees you as a hero, it's the best thing you can say.
Yiota: Everytime someone tells that, you already know he will probably die! It's like a spoiler in all the stories! Hey you people "you just learned who wins and who dies!"

This isn't over!
The 2 epic hero-friends get in a fight, and one of them turns and walks away. The other turns angrilly and yells: THIS ISNT OVER YOUKNOW!
JOhnny: i love this line as well because it is so used by many different occasions. Lover arguments, evil villain that is defeated, friends to friends and so on. However, i admit that my favorite version is of the vilain that is locked away and yells this isnt over you know! and the good guy always ignores the crap out of him up to the point where the villain escapes and blah blah blah
Athanasia: "this isn't over" is best when the villain & the lover says it. The villain says it actually in the beginning of the movie, before he comes back and the lover always after a fight
Nina: OK, this reminds me of two things. First, the bullies in high-school are saying it, so they let the nerd know that they are going to torture it again. And secondly, when the bad guys are down at the end of the movie. They are used saying it, so they keep their head up. Hello?? It's over. You have been bitten. Face the truth. 
Yiota: Actually there is a very good phrase to close a story...i mean you don;t have a cliffhanger and you already know that a scene with someone screams something is epic, so why not? And you get to let the audience go "oh no..what will happen next!i'm so nervous now!".

Johnny:I dont need a scene here, you all know this
This is the most cliche yell ever, and the most ridiculous one. I mean really? shouting nooooo on your knees is kinda stupid
I would really like to see and listen to what sould anyone that was near the hero said
i would go with something like "ok?" or "what a douchebag" while i laughed my ass off
Athanasia: the “nooooooo” is a classic, the hero or villain is on their knees, looking at the sky, pulling their hair off and always the camera makes a close up and then goes away... Actually if I was there I would go with a “relax” !

Nina: You hear this one in so many different ways, by so many different people. By superheros and simple people when they reached their top and there is nothing else to do and they are desperate. And after that, they make new plans to solve their problems and they succeed.
Yiota: That's my phrase! I actually feel awkward with that kind of scenes...whoever the person is, looks really bad and i'm..."yeah ok..whatever...". I know if i was there i will go "ermm..i'm not with the guy". Why they just don't break or shoot something?


  1. This is a hilarious post! I must say that my favorite is "This Is Not What You Think It Is!" Priceless! :D

  2. LOL! Could you imagine being an actor, looking at your new script, and seeing that you have to say one of these phrases? I'd have so many out takes because I don't think I could deliver any of these lines with a straight face :D

  3. Master Yiota u forgot to include the most epic fail of all cliche phrases the one the only..."Just As Planned!" i mean fgs how can anybody plan every little detail of a war/battle/game to such extent that he would be able to use that phrase?

  4. That was a nice addition Anonymous minion! Hahahaha! Thanks! LMAO

  5. isn't the picture at "This Is Not What You Think It Is" just epic ????

    seriously yiota, where did you get that ?!

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