Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Warrior's Way, Review

In theaters December 3, 2010 is The Warrior's Way, a visually-stunning modern martial arts western starring Korean actor Dong-gun Jang who plays an Asian warrior assassin forced to hide in a small town in the American Badlands. Rounding out the ensemble cast are Kate Bosworth, Oscar-winner Geoffrey Rush, Danny Houston, and Tony Cox. The fantasy action film was written and directed by newcomer Sngmoo Lee, and is being produced by Barrie Osborne, Michael Peyser and Jooick Lee.

We had a discussion with the rest of the cinema-buddies about the movie before we watch it. From the trailer, we could see two things: 1.the movie would be totally awesome 2.the movie will be such and epic fail that will be awesome again! At both, the predict was good..so we went to see it!

The final result was #2. It was an epic fail but we LOVED it. I will explain some things, before you start thinking i'm totally crazy.
-That guy here at the poster..he supposed to be a really famous Asian actor, according the trailer. Unfortunately none of us knew him. I think he was good at his acting. He didn't speak a lot though. He is like the best swordsman alive. And while, you think "yeah yeah...but someone at the end will come and we will have an epic battle with him", there is actually no one stronger. He is the strongest guy. He could kill a dozens of men (maybe more!) with just one attack with his sword. Overpower eh? It was kinda cool though. and we didn't get an epic final battle with bosses! Chuck Norris will have some serious problems against this guy!
-The rest casting is...i'm not sure. okay, Geoffrey Rush was fantastic but his character was another super cool guy with secrets..and crazy. Kate Bosworth...haha...she must be the most fail student ever! At the lessons with the assasin he could actually dodge some of his attacks! At real fight? I can fight better than her! Not only she was tripping and losing her weapons but she also almost killed herself. We wanna think it was just the "shock" that made her act like that.
-Special effects were totally amazing! But i didn't like how much easy was to see them around the movie. I didn't think it was matching with the rest of the film. Also the story, didn't really make sense sometimes but we managed to enjoy it!

Lastly...some questions that never will be answered!
-Why it was raining rose petals? Where and when did they appear?
-How the assassins appeared from the sky? We strongly believe they came with an airplane even though they didn't exist at the time...oh oh..maybe a zeppelin!
-And why one of the good guys, at the last scene he wears the assassins' clothes? It doesn't even make sense!

Final result: Do not try to mix hollywood and asian movies. Maybe they are fun but.....


  1. Master Yiota...u forgot how the blood of anyone been cut or/and shot was vaporized like a mist comming out from the wound.

    Other than that u sum it up quiet nicely...it's so fail tha u gotta love it!

  2. That's right minion! Thanks for the addition..and correcting my review:P

  3. i think that minion and the master forget one thing. That Chuck Norris would NOT have a problem with him. In fact they have already battled in the future, and Chuck Norris won, and he knows it.

  4. you haven't watch the movie that's why you say that...

  5. no no...you havent seen a chuck norris movie, that is why YOU say such blasphemy

  6. I think Chuck Norris would lose. This guy is the most overpowered character ever created. He would even beat Chuck Norris and the whole justice league if they attacked him together. That's the kind of samurai that can cut a missile in the middle with his katana and then ride on the pieces slashing 666.000.000 enemies in his way.
    That's the problem with mixing western and eastern cinema, eastern heroes are always badass and kill 1000 enemies with one swing on the other hand western heroes are more balanced and need big badass weapons to kill 1000 enemies with one shot. So if the samurai is close to the cowboy then bye bye cowboy.

  7. Thanks Silvestro!
    *nana at Johnny*

  8. I see the valid points fellow Silvestro, but you miss one point. CHuck norris doesnt need weapons, he uses his own fists, and shoots the enemy airplanes with his own rage. If the samurai did all that with the missile and went for chuck norris, then Chuck Norris would just look at the missile which would explode and kill the samurai. Not to mention that he would then roundhouse kick the blade turning it to a new weapon of mass destruction imbued by the wrath of Chuck Norris and it would fall on Asia creating such a deep crater that China and Japan would now be known as Lake China and Ocean Japan


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