Wednesday, March 2, 2011

What's New Wednesday #8

What's New Wednesday is hosted by My Love Affair With Books and i totally love it since i can put in all the interesting news we found about each week!

In front of every little paragraph will be a tag ( Music,Movie, Book,etc) so in case you are not interested in something you can just skip it. At the end, are our week's finds.

[Blog] Learn how to create colour boxes for your posts over at Small Review! Even me, who i have knowledge on HTML i found those thingies useful! 

[Blog] I wanna thank Books and a Cup of Tea for passing two blog awards to us! The previously recieved "One Lovely Blog" and the new one "7 Facts". Thanks!

[Books] City of Glass Tour Dates Info and some extras on the books released. All the fans check them out :) Especially the Jace&Clary lovers!

 [Books/Movies] Wow! Delirium is out less than six months and Fox already bought the movie rights! It has a release date for 2012.

[Funny Article] Found a funny article about characters in Harry Potter that are scarier than Voldemort. I have to say i agree with some of those. Like Hagrid's huge spider XD

[Music] Born This Way by Lady Gaga has a music video and of course is over 5mins and gaga-ish as always. Ke$ha has also a new video which as well kesha-ish. LOL. I don't like any of them.

[Music] Here something for the Glee fans! Firstly, Matthew Morrison has his debut single out and then the first ORIGINAL songs by Glee were early released. Totally love them!

[Music] Something especially for Athanasia: Willo Smith has a new song out called 21st Century Girl

[Music] "Awesome As F*ck" is the name of Green's Day new live cd/dvd which coming out this year. It's not Bullet in A Bible but still look good!

[Movies] Oscars were the last weekend and probably were one of my fav those last years. I found most of the wins well deserved with a Best Motion Picture win for King's Speech. Also totally loved Hathaway as presenter, she was so much fun! Zachary Levi and Mandy Moore did an amazing performance of "I See The Light" from Tangled, though they didn't get the Oscar about it. And finally there was an amazing autotune music video from HP,Toy Story, Social Network and Eclipse which totally made my day! It's a new fav! All the Oscar winners can be seen at IMDB.

[Movie] Razzie Awards happened too with Last Airbender taking the awards(actually most awards) included "Worst Movie of the Year". Totally deserved! Check all the winners.

[Movie] Transformers 3 is not out yet, but a 4th one is already scheduled. Not Michael Bay to direct though. And a new pic for you!

[Movie] More re-makes and sequels of old movies....*sighs*...Robocop and Dumb&Dumber.

[Movie] Tim Burton fans that's for you. New movie: Hunchback of Notre Dam!^^ No production date set though.

[Game/Movie] Devil May Cry rights to Screen Gems people! Yep! Another game into a movie...good luck with that!

[Movies] X-Men First Class gets the first posters! Love McAvoy! <3 The only reason so far to watch the movie.

[TV] Almost all series are on hiatus after this week with Vampire Diaries and Glee from the previous one. I managed to get the next episodes dates though (except for Modern Family-still airing this week): Glee (Mar.8), Wizards of Waverly Place (Mar.10), Chuck (Mar.14), No Ordinary Family (Mar.22), Vampire Diaries and Nikita (Apr.7), Supernatural (Apr.15th-still airing this week), Gossip Girl (Apr.18), Hellcats (Apr.19). Sorry, but those are the one i follow. Also, on April 1st, Camelot starts and on Apr.17, Game Of Thrones. Warehouse 13 is scheduled somewhere around July and Terra Nova on May.

[TV] Terra Nova Season 1 trailer released! I have on thing to say: DINOSAURS! Also there is a new trailer for Game of Thrones.

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  1. A new Tim Burton movie! YAY!
    McAvoy is the only reason I am going to watch the latest X-Men movie too :D
    Thanks for all the updates!

  2. i really didn't like Kesha's new video clip, escpecially the ending, it was so lame XD

    Willow Smith has a new song?? yahhhh i like her so much, i'm not crazy about the song, but when i see the video clip too, i'll like it more XD

    i can't w8 for Green Day's new live cd/dvd. they are one of my favorite bands, i wish they come to Greece too, so i can hear them perform live!!

    i haven't seen the Oscars, but i'm going to..

    ohhh Tim Burton has a new movie?? that is so exiting, can't w8

    Hex, A Witch and Angel Tale sounds cute!

  3. I liked Oscars so much....
    New Tim Burton movie, can't wait either....
    I have to learn more about X-Men....


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