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Spotlight List: Stories With Vampires

Spotlight List is a totally awesome meme by Small Review, and its actually one of the things that grows my TBR every week. Every week, we create a theme and then we do a top list on it. Small Review already has Spotlight Posts about Fantasy, Gothic, Historical Fiction, Retold Stories you might want to check out.
Every week, one of us will pick a theme and create the list. Then everyone will comment on this list!

The guys only know the comments from the person who picked the theme and did the choices. They haven't seen the rest.

Stories With Vampires
by Nina
*Yiota's msg: here is a good post to see how much DIFFERENT we are from each other... coughcoughtouchysubjectcoughcough*

Vampires became famous to me and lots of others through Twilight. They became a big part of the type of books I read and the movies and series I watch. I have to admit that choosing only five things were hard, but that are the things I know better since I’m a fan of them. Here some of my choices.

Interview With A Vampire (Movie)
Nina: This was the first movie I saw which included vampires. I was younger back then and really scared. It is a nice movie and I like it even now.
Johnny: I got so scared i couldnt sleep for 3 days, a classic
Athanasia: never saw this one, but Brad P. and Tom C. ? that must be so funny !!!
Yiota: Never seen the movie actually, but it isn't based on Anna Rice's novel?

True Blood (Books/TV Series)
Nina: One of the newest series about vampires. Really bold and inappropriate for younger people. Some people hate it, I kind of like it. It needs lots of courage to present something like this to the public.
Johnny: I find if more like vampire porn. Not interested (saw only the first episode. CURSE YOU YIOTA!)
Athanasia: True Blood is a series that I did not like at the begining , it’s weird, but after the second season which is my favorite I started liking it, I know it’s lame but I like it XD As for the “inappropriate for younger people”, I don’t quite agree, ok it has a lot of sex but that’s it. Sex sells so it was not courageous to present it on tv, it was marketing !
Yiota: Bliah! Can't stand the sex...and cause of the series i don't even wanna read the books now.

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Twilight (Books/Movies)
Nina: The books that made me see vampires as good guys for once. It definitely needed balls to change the mythology of a country that much. Most of you probably hate it. I get though.
Johnny: It takes audacity, not balls to change the mythology so much. Mythology represents the soul of a people, their beliefs, you dont fuck with them so lightly. What I mean is, I find it partially insulting to take the darkest creature in modern and medieval mythology, and write a story about an 100year-old virgin that sparkles. I mean really? Sparkling? what else does he fart rainbows?
Athanasia: I hate it, I saw the movies and I was like “omg”. They present some of the vampires as good and all of the vampires as dorks. Vampires that glow in the sunlight, that is not scary, that’s just wrong!
Yiota: I will admit at first i was overhelmed by it. But then i re-read and i noticed what a poor job was done with it. I liked only Eclipse and that cause was funny. The rest are quite boring and whatever...not fan of it.

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House of Night Series (Books)
Nina: Now, that changes the normal vampire myths, but it’s light and totally for teens to get pissed with it. I know I’m not a teen, but the books are all easy and since I started reading them, I can’t just stop.
Johnny: My sister read this, I did not approve at all. I was about to read it, but she began talking about it and i literally changed my mind in a whim. I hate erotic triangles. I cant understand why people like them. I would hate to be in one, let alone read about one
Athanasia: never heard of them..
Yiota: oh gosh!that definitely wasn't for me. I stopped at the first book.

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The Vampire Diaries (Books/TV Series)
Nina: Ok, so those books change the myths too. But once you get used to the writing, you understand altogether what the author wants to tell you. They are detailed and there are many characters, so you do not get bored easily.
Johnny: You are the first person that I know that likes the books. I heard they are crap, they say the show is better. Ah well, cant really tell an opinion. I just know the show, and it does rock :PAthanasia: I haven’t read the books, but I really like the series..
Yiota: I don't like the books. Elena is one of the most annoying characters ever! But i LOVE the tv series! I'm addicted! I'm happy they changed it from the book! <3

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  1. I saw Interview with the Vampire few years back - I nearly fainted with fright! lol

  2. Great list! I liked Interview with the Vampire the movie much better than the book. I didn't hate L.J. Smith's Vampire Diaries books, but I like the tv show better. Her other series are much better (and if you want more vampires she has much better vampires in her Night World series).

    I haven't seen True Blood, but the sex, unattractive characters, and horrible fake southern accent the main character has really puts me off to it (I love southern accents. She just butchers it). I couldn't finish the first book in the House of Night series.


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