Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Mary Poppins Musical Review

Mary Poppins is a Walt Disney Theatrical musical based on the similarly-titled series of children's books by P. L. Travers and the Disney 1964 film. TheWest End production opened in December 2004 and received two Olivier Awards, one for Best Actress in a Musical and the other for Best Theatre Choreography. The musical features the film's music and lyrics by the Academy Award winning Sherman Brothers, along with additional music and lyrics byGeorge Stiles and Anthony Drewe. The book was written by Julian Fellowes. The musical was directed by Richard Eyre and co-directed by Matthew Bourne, who also acted as co-choreographer with Stephen Mear. A Broadway production with a near-identical creative team opened in November 2006, with only minor changes from the West End version. It received seven Tony Award nominations, including Best Musical, winning for Tony Award for Best Scenic Design.[1]

The stage musical is a fusion of various elements from the film and the books. Some elements from the Mary Poppins series of children's books that had been omitted from the film were restored, such as the walking statue and the ladders rising to the stars. Others were removed, such as the scene in which Uncle Albert gets caught on the ceiling, laughing.

The Broadway production differed from the London production in that the "Jolly Holiday" sequence was staged in full technicolour instead of the gray tones of the London show, and in "Anything Can Happen" the stairs to the heavens were replaced by a large version of Mary Poppins' umbrella entering from the stage floor. These changes were later transferred back to the West End production. Most recently, a new song has been added to the score, entitled "Playing the Game". This replaces the already new "Temper, Temper" in the first act. This change has been added to all current and future productions of the show.

The Broadway version received mixed reviews ranging from enthusiastic[10] to mediocre.[11] Many critics praised the show for its technical merits.[12] Despite the mixed reviews, the show has been regularly performing well at the box office since its opening.[13] After running for 52 weeks, the show recouped all its original investment.[14]

Review: Ahem, ladies and gentlemen. Yes this is my review. Yes i went and seen the musical. What? What do you mean it is not possible? because I listen to heavy metal and like to kill countless of people in videogames?. Well....Yes random person in the audience I was aware there is no killing in Mary Poppins. Why I went there? Well free tickets ring a bell? Ok, now SHUT UP! I have a review to do. Good....Now, back to bussiness. The show was simply fantastic. I mean yes I was in pain since i was wearing a splint and still have some stitches but hey, its Broadway. The scenery was simply fantastic, meaning that I have never EVER, seen anything like this. They were colorfull, well created, and they could change from the house, to the park, to the bank etc. The acting was very well, as well as the singing and music (like I said, it was a Broadway show). The funny part is that I dont really like Mary Poppins. First of all when I was a kid I enjoyed watching the Nightmare Before Christmass more. What? "That explains my current condition"?. HEY! take that back!. Anyway, like I was saying, despite the fact that i dont really like Mary Poppins as a movie and stuff, i totally reccomend the Musical. My favorite part was when Bert actually starts walkind and dancing on the wall and then upside down. Yes he does that. Yes it is amazing. Anyway, I promise for my fanatic fans, (Yes, both of you) that my next review will be that of a bloody nature, i dont know something like call of duty, or unreal tournament. Anyway, till we meet again


  1. hahahha! nice review! it made me laugh! ^^

    and i loved Mary Poppins movie!

  2. Lol Loved the review! I've watched the Mary Poppins movie version as a kid and I remember enjoying it a lot.

  3. @Misha, imagine! i was a kid and i didnt really like it!!!!

  4. that was a great review! i enjoyed it so much!

    yiota doesn't John reminds you of Skulduggery Pleasant when he writes? XD

    i actually hated Mary Poppins, she is so lame

  5. I really liked the movie....As for the musical, I cannot say a thing....Anyway, nice review Johnny....


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