Sunday, March 27, 2011


As probably some of you already know I have been gone from the ends of December to America for some medical procedures. At first Yiota was all "WOOOO HE IS FINALLY GONE!!!" or generally not giving a damn. Which is not hard to see why since we talked through the msn every day so it was as if I was not even gone. HOWEVER the months passed and now Yiota is alone and scared. So this is to explain to all of you how Yiota feels right now as she sais "John please get back soon!" THIS IS TO YOU YIOTA!


  1. I'm ashamed now...hahahha..oh man! you are so crazy! hahaha..seriously though..come back..haha
    now i can't even concentrate on what i was watching you stupid! haha...oh my..i look really good in this pic XD HAHA

  2. you have to stop laughing in order to type correctly hahahahahaha

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. @Johnny: oh shut up! that's ur fault! and i typed better than the times i'm not laughing! everyone will laugh at me now:p i hate you, you stupid evil kid!

  5. wait wait......MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! eeeh? did I do good on the evil laugh?

  6. @Johnny: yeah did good! go get back at MSN now and stop laughing! XD


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