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Spotlight List: Epic Fail Villains

Spotlight List is a totally awesome meme by Small Review, and its actually one of the things that grows my TBR every week. Every week, we create a theme and then we do a top list on it. Small Review already has Spotlight Posts about Fantasy, Gothic, Historical Fiction, Retold Stories you might want to check out.
Every week, one of us will pick a theme and create the list. Then everyone will comment on this list!

The guys only know the comments from the person who picked the theme and did the choices. They haven't seen the rest.

Before you start with this week spotlight i would like to tell you that's part of a big series of Spotlight i have scheduled. Cause it's really nice to Spotlight stories in general, but there are some times that we just love some certain parts of those stories so much that we enjoy them again and again only cause of those things. So prepare for Spotlights on characters, scenes, battles, worlds, second characters, romance, fun stuff and much much more to come!

Epic Fail Villains
by Yiota

Well..there is a huge list waiting with characters and other things worth mentioning but i picked the last one of all i created with Johnny (see?i mentioned you!). Here we are with the epic fail villains list, because sometimes we just love them to much no matter how worthless (johnny's note: or how funny and anti-intimidating) they are! The fact is that some of them make you wanna hear/watch their stories again and again while some others you just want them to die! Of course the next list will feature some serious villains! All of them are from movies in this one.

Demodar (Dungeons & Dragons)
Yiota: Easily has one of the first spots. When you see it first time you are like "blue lips?what the hell?" and then you start laughing like hell. Then you hear his epic strong voice and then what he actually says, which pretty much can be concluded to "after them" -"kill them" and phrases like that. He has no plans and his an absolute puppet of Jeremy Irons. But what can you say huh? He really does stand out,doesn't he? And i need to admit that i didn't know that guy was Bruce Payne until this post!
Johnny: Easilly my favorite fail villain. I mean look at him! just look at him. I think this dude is the only person that could be serious threat to me if I was an epic character (Sighs) because the moment I would look at him and the whole image and then he spoke, I would laugh so hard I would forget that there are people that want to kill me!
Silvestro: Well this movie was really bad and this guy was almost the source of all laughter for me :D He wasn't a serious villain but I liked him. 
Nina: I don't know the guy, but he doesn't look scary. But he looks like the common plain evil guy who loves to harm others.
Athanasia: I have no idea who that is, but the make up is seriously wrong !

Orc Leader (LOTR: The Return of the King)
Yiota: I know you know who the guy is. He killed some people and thought he was badass. Spitting on the rocks that were falling and not be afraid. I was so happy when he died. Unfortunatelly for him, he is still NOT cool for a villain. Nice try though. Maybe in your next life!
Johnny: Badass? what kind of villain hero gets stomped on by the first charge! I mean really? the dude in the back with the skull in his head (Seriously mordor? Dang you need some stylist help to look more menacing and evil) was more badass. At least he died by an epic cool army of undead and Aragorn and not some random Rohan dude with a horse. 
Silvestro: Believe it or not I didn't even notice this fella in spite of his size... When I think about Lord of the Rings villains I see a guy in full armor and a white wizard, not Ghadalf of course the other guy. Maybe that's because he has no personality or free will.
Nina:  I wonder how many hours the actor had to stay on the make-up department....He is so ugly....
Athanasia: even if he is scary he is a lame villain, I never liked that guy..

Lana (The Librarian)
Yiota: Uh...Kelly Hu...someone must forgot to tell her that when you are (a) villain you DO NOT praise or fall in love with the good guy. Actually no...she was just...erm...i mean you see the good guy falling from a plane and screams "ohhh meeee" conclusion is "oh my god! look how fearless and awesome he is!"??...i'm not really sure i want to know what's going on in her mind. (Secret: i totally loved her in the movie and i was wishing to go with the good guy at the end but don't tell anyone that)
Johnny: I love her! Seriously just look at her! She is so epic! What kind of villain goes like "OH MY GOD LOOK WHAT HE DID! HE MUST HAVE EVERYTHING PLANED!" when the hero CLEARLY just does stuff on random. If I was the librarian I would so chose her over the "good" girl. (Also look at her style, i mean...what is there not to like? badass pretty girl with a gun? common!)
Silvestro: I haven't watched the librarian but this black and white hairstyle inspires fear to dogs and men alike :D 
Nina: She is the prettiest of all in the list....I don't remember see the movie though....Anyway, she doesn't look evil, but I like her style....
Athanasia: no idea who that is too and once again seriously wrong make up. (why do all the villains have to look ridiculous?)

White Cat (Cats & Dogs)
Yiota: that's one of Johnny's pick and i have no idea why he picked it so i will just skip this one. I really do hate cats though!
Johnny: Because it is SUPER fail for a villain to be a pet of someone and not be the one OWNING the pet. And second of all, he was being dressed by old grannies. Seriously how can you pass as a villain when you are dressed like a fcking ballerina!
Silvestro: Come on why is Mr. Tinkles in this list, I really liked his attitude, he had the evil mastermind speach and the plans of uncontrollable disaster. Well he lost at the end but all villains do so that's not a reason to put him with other failed villains.
Nina: Creepy....That cat made me hate cats, and I like cats (not as pets, but as animals)....
Athanasia: are you crazy?? The white cat is not a fail villain at all, he had a plan, a strategy, millions of cats working for him. He was a great villain and one of my favorite, an epic fail villain was Kitty Galore from cats and dogs

Gaston (Beauty & The Beast)
Yiota: I just hate that guy! He was USELESS. There was no reason for his existence and he tryed to kill the awesome Beast! Screw you man! You are not worthy the villain name. You can't do anything right!
Johnny: Agree! he did absofuckinglutelly nothing. I mean look at him! Even his look and appear is crap!!! LOOK! How can he pass as a bad guy! He looks more like an epic fail of a good guy!
Silvestro: I always wanted the beast to change back to his evil self, before he started thinking about women and became a slave of the dress, and dismember this guy limb from limb in front of the heroine. But that would make the fairy tale too violent for children so I was left with the unfulfilled wish...
Nina: I've seen the movie many times....I think he was the only bad guy who was just a human being....I don't mind him, but when he tries to kill the Beast I change my mind....
Athanasia: don’t know him either..


  1. "Athanasia: don’t know him either.."

    how can you not know Gaston, even I know him and I wasn't a fan of Beauty & The Beast...

    and @Johnny : he wasn't their pet, he was posing as their pet to go unnoticed and implement his evil plan ;)

  2. @Silvestro: Athanasia, doesn't know what Star Wars is....XD

  3. @Silvestro: in that case I take the fail villainy of mr cat back. However I must admit I am still laughing hard with the comment on Gaston

    @Athanasia, you SERIOUSLY need some SERIOUS movie training......and I am not talking of Serious Black

  4. @Johnny: it was a shock wasn't it? the comment i mean...haha..wait to read his biography :p

  5. @Silvestro: it's odd i know but i really do and i totally agree with you about Mr. Tinkles he should not be in the list...

    @yiota: i know what it is i just haven't watched it XD

    @Johnny: haha, maybe i do i guess ! when you all talk i'm like "what??" XD

  6. @ Athanasia you are lucky I have all the star wars movies miss

  7. @Johnny: that sounded a little bit like a theat XD

    surprise me then XD

  8. @ Athanasia there will be a test after the movies so be prepared ;)

  9. @Athanasia: what Silvestro said, plus, it IS a threat :P


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