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Comicdom Con Athens - Day 2 ( April 9th )

Yesterday i, Athanasia and Silvestro had the chance to go at Comicdom Con Athens. It's my first time i go to an event like that. And cause of Silvestro we learned about it at the very last days so we lacked a decent camera and we weren't prepared well BUT we do have footage! :D Also our program wasn't prepared for this so we get to go only yesterday, but it's better than nothing right?

Soooo...enjoy! ( and for those who are too bored to read the whole thing, keep in mind we will have a giveaway with some goodies from the event! )

We decided to go 16:00 and closed the date out of the HellenicAmerican Union were the event was held. Athanasia was the first one who got there, with me second and Silvestro late for 30 mins. The first thing i saw when i got there ,was Athanasia of course and a really tall guy dressed as character with a huge sword almost as his height. I thought he was dressed a character from Final Fantasy since they are the ones who have huge swords like that but as i learned later, i was mistaken. Anyway, as we waited for Silvestro, me and Athanasia got a bag with things from the HellenicAmerican union and the program of Comicdom. The cover of the program was so beautiful that for some minutes i was like "look how awesome it is". Finally, Silvestro came and we got into.

There were rooms with people and everything but we went straight to the 2nd floor for the panel “Geek Girls: Comics Are A Girl’s Best Friend” (which is actually the first panel that i take part!). We got seats at the back of the room since it was almost full already. Five ladies were sitting there and waiting for the event to start: Shaenon Garrity (comic creator and Viz editor), Sonia Leong (comic creator), Valia Kapaidi ( comic creator ), Elli Mokka (comic creator ), Alexia Othanaiou (comic creator ). The later three are Greek.

They started by asnwering some questions about their lives as comic creators and girls, their opinions and such and later the audience get the chance of asking. The whole thing was in English in favor of the two foreign artists. They were all fantastic and pretty fun, though we were all quite astonished by Sonia Leong. She had such energy in her and wherever she talked she managed to pass her excitement with us.
As the event ended. Me and Athanasia (Silvestro stand in corner away from people like a real Shadow he is!) managed to talked first with Alexia and later with Sonia and took their contact details for upcoming interviews with them! Alexia even told us that we can meet her in a cafe for the interview and do it live! We were pretty excited about it!

After that we got down again and it was time to check the Bazaar. They were so many people and comics and action figures and posters and artists. It was simple wow! We visited all the publishers and artists there. Athanasia and me "stealing" every possible bookmark we saw around.
Unfortunately for Silvestro and me, we didn't find many manga related things in English or posters. I was really sad after it. Anyway, we went to the signing panel. There was Sonia Leong. We wanted to have something signed, but didn't have anything of her. Another sad moment. BUT it finally our luck came back. In dark corner we found posters of the program's cover! The one i was excited about! Of course we bought one for me, for the blog and for Athanasia. Silvestro didn't want any :P As i was in front of the cashier and he told me the posters where from Sonia Leong! Can you believe it? I was like "yay yay!". We went at the signing panel again for obvious reasons and got our posters signed. The blog poster says "To Splash of our Worlds Readers"! Exciting!

By the time we finished, Silvestro told us that Alexander was waiting for us out. We went to find him. Along with him he brought illness for me since i noticed that something was seriously wrong with my temperature. We went in again though. At the halls we find a young guy who was drawing/sketching and we were like "WOW".  Awesome job there!

Then we found out a really dark room (i thought it was a cafe) which was Batman related. It was like really dark as you can see at the photo and had piece of Batman comics on the walls. There was also a huge Batman figure in a corner so me and Athanasia got a photo with him (the boys are really shy if you haven't noticed).

We had one hour before the cosplay  competition so we hang out in cafe near the building. By the time i was sure, i was ill once again XD 

1st photo: Me and Alexander - 2nd photo: Silvestro ( you understand the shadow nickname now) and Athnasia.

So finally we got to the most anticipated cosplay competition. Another friend, Periklis, found us at the time. Athanasia was whining for not letting her know that she could dressed. The theater was FULL and we had to stand behind. As a result the photos are not really good but oh well...28 atomic customes and 2 team ones. Here some of them:

Winners were a guy dressed as Jack Sparrow and Spiderman with Blackcat. View more Comicdom Cosplay customes in our facebook page.

And the day came to an end. We had fun and i totally loved it. I seriously can't wait for next year where we will be more organized. Athanasia went to theatre with her mother, she later told me she didn't enjoy the play. The rest of us, found another friend (Xrisanthi) and went to watch Sucker Punch at the cinemas. The only one who enjoyed it was Silvestro. He has already done a Sucker Punch positive review and i will do later a negative one :P

That was our day at Comicdom. I can't remember if i had forgot something. I will upload more photos at Splash of our Worlds Facebook page.

And of course we will have a giveaway with some bookmarks and the signed poster of Sonia Leong.


  1. HA ! No camera can hold ME mwahahaha

  2. Looks like you had a fun day! :)

  3. @Silvestro: I have over 3 photos with your face. Better watch what you say XD

  4. @Yiota: well I didn't say no camera can capture me, I said no camera can hold me and that is true, at some point you will have to delete or move the photos from the camera or later the camera's memory will be damaged by usage so the photos will be destroyed :D

  5. i wasn't whining XD

    next year WE WILL DRESS UP as a team or not i don't know but we are going and i'm dressing XD

  6. yeah we can be LOTR themed, athanasia will be the elf blondie that gave everyone presents, but this time she will give cookies :D
    I wanna be Sauron or Aragorn...

  7. Johnny : Aragorn
    Silvestro : Sauron
    Yiota : Arwen
    Athanasia : Lady Galadriel

    and i am not baking cookies XD

  8. 1st i DEMAND one of the signed bookmarks since you went there without me (what do you mean I am across the globe? that is no excuse!)
    2nd I say we all go dressed like jedi, or zombies


  9. @Johnny: there are no signed bookmarks. just bookmarks. there are signed posters and you get any of them XD

    @Athanasia & Silvestro: LOTR? And what our "choreography" will be?

  10. @Yiota: the ceremony that Galandriel gives the cookies to the bad guys and then some fighting moves with my huge mace :D

  11. @Silvestro LOL i think you confuse it with League Of Legends! Ok what about the Sith Zombies? Its simple, we just walk in and chase princes Leia (Athanasia) and eat her brains, with lightsabers..

    OR half can be sith zombies and half would be jedi zombies, and they will fight to the death. Its a zombie pit fight, its a win!

  12. @JohnnyB: who would make jedi zombies ? The only people with the power to make zombies would be the Sith and the Jedi but the Jedi are the "good" guys so they wouldn't make zombies. It should be Sith and Sith zombies against the staring jedi who are badass (Obi Wan, Lukas, Yodam etc).

  13. @Silvestro: they will get infected. You know, the typical zombie scenario. So if you have sith infected and some jedi infected, then would they fight each other? or would they be partners in brain hunting?

  14. @JohnnyB: In resident evil the infected soldiers joined the other zombies against the humans so I think the infected Jedi would join the zombie Sith, or the force may save their inteligence and keep fighting, both scenarios are good :D

  15. @Silvestro: I think that it would be awesome if the second senario was true. Imagine this. You and your friends are running away from sith zombies, when you end up facing a group of jedi zomgies. What to do? you run the sith zombies to meet the jedi zombies, you run out of the way, and let the jedi and zsith zombies kill each other

  16. @JohnnyB: but if the second scenario was true then why would you sacrifice immortal jedi zombies ? You can use them as vanguard and support them with clones. Then a limitless semi-immortal army is born against the sith. And then I use the force to raise even more Sith zombies and evil robots to kill all those clones and Jedi zombies or I find a way to cut their connection to the force ( or disrupt it temporaly ) and the jedi zombies will turn against the clones and then the Sith win mwahahaha

  17. yes but by doing that you will sever the power of your sith zombies too, so you still end up having zombie mayhem

  18. Sith zombies and mindless zombies with lightsabers have the same target, humans so my win :D
    And when they are done with the clones and the jedi I just blow up the planet and the zombies are gone ;)


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