Tuesday, April 5, 2011

We Listen: Shuffle Version

Did you miss the meme?:p I know i did! But still i don't have a certain album i repeat lately so i decided to create a shuffle version with songs i currently listen to. Enjoy!

( I hope the my crew like my songlist cause they will spent their next voyage with it :D )

Not Your Birthday by Allstar Weekend: That song is so catchy that i'm never bored of it. Plus, i'm totally in love for the lead singer XD

Till the Worlds Ends by Britney Spears: That song is good! It's not the usual Britney but i like! Written by Kesha and definitely for dancing.

Coming Home by Gwyneth Paltrow: I recently watched the Country Strong movie and i couldn't believe how great that song was! It had such emotion and it really fit the movie.

Loser Like Me by Glee: One of the two first Original Songs from Glee. Is it bad, that i can relate?

Still In The Dark by Aranda: I have no idea where Johnny found that song but now i'm obsessed! I have to admit i didn't expect to like it.

Everybody Hurts by Avril Lavigne: Best song of the album. And another song i can relate to.

Rolling In The Deep Live by Adele: I can't believe it's live! It's sooooo good! Wow! Just check the video below...

A Different Side of Me by Allstar Weekend: Dunno if it's the song or video. I mean superheroes, swords, lightsaber, princess...haha! <3 Respect at the drummer guy who stole the sword from the rock from the kid and became king. LOL

Adrienne by The Calling: Another one of the best lives i've heard. Old song by a band i don't think it's still together.

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  1. Fun to see this :D "Everybody hurts" is really a great song indeed, many people can relate to it :)


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