Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Princess Bride Movie, Review

In this enchantingly cracked fairy tale, the beautiful Princess Buttercup (Robin Wright Penn) and the dashing Wesley (Cary Elwes) must overcome staggering odds to find happiness. Giants, swordsmen, six-fingered counts, murderous princes, Sicilians, pirates, rodents of unusual size and even death cannot stop true love from triumphing. Mandy Patinkin and Andre the Giant costar in this modern classic.

Grandson: Has it got any sports in it?
Grandpa: Are you kidding? Fencing, fighting, torture, revenge, giants, monsters, chases, escapes, true love, miracles...
Grandson: -sigh- It doesn't sound too bad. I'll try to stay awake.

That quote is the first thing i've learned from Princess Bride. Before it i didn't even know it exists. It was one of my fav quote from Inkheart Trilogy. For a year so after i read it, i forgot about it again. Then i was reading a Ben Barnes interview and  he mentioned it (as the movie who helped him create his accent for Narnia). So i'm googling the movie and i see that it was from 1987! I was like "no way i'm not gonna watch it". I'm a little picky with movies older than 1995 since i will be whining for how fake are or for the special effects ( ex. i started laughing at the Tron movie...i just can't!). Finally i decide to give it a try and i got the BluRay version too..

I have to admit, in the BluRay version is just wow! It doesn't even look that old! And not only that but i fall in love with it! It was the cliche of the cliches! Hahaha! As the quote says it has everything. AND it's so much fun!
Take the grandpa/grandson scenes? LOVE! The kid was amazing. It was like "nah...a book..and no kisses" and in the end it was so into it like he lived it! He was asking things all the time and the grandpa was like "shut up".
And then the princess story. Oh true love..it can win every war or bad guy :P A classic giant more gentle than any other man alive. A guy who does everything for his princess. A princess who just...does nothing. Like NOTHING! There was a creature at some point the good guy was fighting and she was just starring. It bite him, he burned and she didn't even run. She fell down and almost get killed. LMAO.
Of course there was an evil guy who wanted to conquer the world and an evil scientist too.

The best way to describe the movie is with exact quotes or scenes ^^ I usually tweet photos while i'm watching but there were to many scenes, so i just picked some of them now. (Sorry for the greek subs)

-Oh no.no.Please! They are kissing again. Do we have to see it again?
- Someday will not bother you so much 
-Skip to the fires...

-We will never survive!
-Nonsense. You say that cause no one ever survived before.

-Where am i?
-*creepy voice*   The pit of despaaiir! Don't even.... *coughing and gets back to normal voice -.- * Don't even think about escaping...

-It won't be easy sir..
-Hmmm..try to ruling the world sometime

And while saving trying to save the princess..the good guy can't even walk ^^ He can only speak and move his head actually...

Enjoy :D


  1. I love this movie. My daughter and I watched it together last summer.

  2. My mom and I used to watch this and a bunch of other oldies but goodies! Romancing the Stone is another good one.

  3. My name is Inigo Montoya
    You killed my father
    Prepare to die

  4. I have seen this film more times than I care to admit. Okay, it was about every day for quite a few weeks while I was a kid, then I read the book (which goes even more in-depth and has a different sort of ending). I would say it's probably my favourite film, and I can pretty much quote the entire thing. So glad you finally discovered it! Sarah xx

  5. yiota you have to be honest here with me : this movie is really old and i hate old movies, is it worth watching? or it looks and feels and sounds OLD?

    i like the quotes and the story, i love movies with kids and princesses and stuff but i kinda worry because it is old, i would totally watch it if it was a new movie...

    so yiota it's up to you!

  6. @athanasia: no don't watch it. you are not geeky enough for it :p and it's old so you wont like it even more...

    @Antonakis: you know it in your mind?:p nice!!

    @the rest people: i can't believe how many of you liked it! that's awesome! i feel like i live under a rock XD

  7. I looooove this movie so much! I used to watch it all the time. I give it to my library kids now and at first they look at me kind of funny like they're expecting it to be an old sucky movie, but then they always come back super excited because they loved it.

  8. This is one of my favourite films, ever, ever, ever, ever, EVER, ever, ever! You are tempting me to get a BluRay player just to see how it looks on there. I ADORE this film. It ties with The Labyrinth & Dogma ;)

    Inigo: Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.
    Count Rugen: Stop saying that!


  9. Yiota first of all stop putting spoilers on reviews, its annoying -_-. Second of all I loved the movie. The moment I saw robbin hood from the men in tights play i started laughing for no reason.

    @Athanasia: its a shame, old movies are by FAR better than the new ones

  10. @Johnny: nahh..there is nothing more than the trailer already says...if something of what i said was important i will have put it into the black spoiler thingy.

  11. @Johnny: the plot, the actors maybe but the quality of the movie is bad, the special effects are bad so i don't enjoy it...

  12. @athanasia: don;t know about other version or films but the Blu-Ray of this movie is good as i said.
    And i've seen also Monty Pythons (sorry if i wrote it wrong Johnny) in VCR and it was good too. Depends on the movie. Obviously something like Tron which needs high class graphics will be not that good. I do avoid some old movie as well though:P


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