Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Fighter, Review

A look at the early years of boxer "Irish" Micky Ward and his brother who helped train him before going pro in the mid 1980's.

Well, it took me long time to watch the movie, because something else was always in the way. The main reason I watched it was because of the Oscars the two supporting actors won and because it was based on true events.

The good things on the movie are the acting and the story. Both of them looked so real. The actors were all amazing even though, I didn't like the characters. The story is presented well, but in a very real way. Which lead us to the bad things. I felt like I was watching a reality show more than watching a movie. The fight scenes weren't as amazing and wow as in other movies. Only in the final fight scene I felt something like that.

The characters were real. I was astonished at the behavior of some and I have to admit that even if I like the actors staring, their characters were awful. Not that they weren't acting well. As I said, the acting part was really good. But the characters they were mimicking, had awful characters. I don't know if I'm in a place to judge, because I don't leave the life they do, but this is just my opinion.

Bottom line, I don't know if I should recommend you the movie, because the only thing I liked was the acting. But I'm telling you to see it and tell me your opinion, because right now I see the bad stuff.


  1. nina first of all "The Fighter" is a great movie.

    the actors were amazing, Christian Bale's performance was exellent, all the actors were real, passionate, this movie is a masterpiece.

    it is totally a MUST see, i was thrilled and touched so deeply.

    and it didn't feel like a reality show at all, i mean in the movie they were filming a reality show but that was part of the senario...

    all the actors were great at their roles, what surprised me was where they found all this ugly women, to play the sisters, they weren't just ugly they were awful !

    do not let this review influence you, it was a GREAT movie and you should totally watch it.

  2. @athanasia: "do not let this review influence you"? really? that's mean...she might be right at some point you know..just cause you liked, doesn't mean Nina is wrong..just saying...

    And i still haven't watch this one. I believe i would get bored with it so i'm always picking another one in its place.

  3. Athanasia: I feel bad right now for not seeing the good things in the movie....Something is really wrong these days....

  4. @nina: i am so sorry if i sounded mean, i was just expecting your review like crazy since i saw the movie.. i was disappointed you didn't like, it is a shame because it is a really good movie..

    @yiot: Overlord i would behave next time a disagree with a review..

  5. My wife and I really liked this movie. As you mentioned the acting was excellent (by the way Amy Adams is the new Lois Lane) but we also liked the story.



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