Thursday, April 21, 2011

Shadow Harvest: Phantom Ops Review

When a covert operation to stop illegal arms sales reveals a full-scale global conspiracy, a special unit under the codename SHADOW HARVEST is formed to reveal the truth.
With two completely different characters serving as the unit's operation core, you must choose from a vast array of weapons and technologies that enhance both characters strengths.
Features a gripping storyline that unfolds organically through the gameplay (doesn't rely on cutscenes to move the story along). The ratio of gameplay to cutscenes is better than 13:1.
Players can switch between the two main characters at any time during
the game to take advantage of each characterΓΓé¼Γäós strength as well as combat a sophisticated AI that adapts to the strategies you develop.
Open level design and option secondary objectives leave the outcome completely up to the player to choose.


Ms. Overlord I have to request permission for departure. Something really urgent came up and I have to murd… eh to visit an old friend of mine that promised to make a game with my name in the tittle. Believe me it will have nothing to do with you or the crew I will be a real shadow, I will go in and out and they will never know I was there, cause I think my pal has a few… hundreds of guards. Well that’s my official application of leave and I will be back in a few days, or not at all. Cya.

Spacepirate Personal Log: Well I was soooo happy to see this game with my name on it and so much promise for covert ops and stealthy killing but then it failed, epically. I still believe there is a good game buried in there but it needs the hand of a major corporation to be fixed ( ubisoft perhaps ). I will tell to people of this intergalactic community the reasons that this game is a piece of… poop.

Gameplay: Really hate it. It feels really terrible to control the characters, it’s like playing a 15 years old game. The battles with the commando guy is either to easy or too difficult there is no balance of power at all. In some battles actually I could kill 10 guys with one clip and without taking any damage and in other battles ( on the same difficulty of course ) 2 guys killed me easily and they weren’t bosses or anything they were plain old soldiers like the 10 guys I killed with ease. With the stealth girl, well if they see her she is dead and most of the missions the main goal is to not see her. So WITHOUT SAVE CAPABILITY, because they thought it would made the game easy I guess, amateurs, I had to replay each mission countless times till I knew where everyone was and their patrol routes, on NORMAL DIFFICULTY. This game really sucks and if you do not believe it yet keep reading.

Story: Almost non-existent. There are very very few cutscenes (as the description says) and they are badly drawn with really terrible voice acting (the Greek dub of Kabamaru had more passion). The result is run, hide, kill, run, hide, shoot, run, hide, kill, run, hide, reload, shoot and so on… And you would think that the story is reaching to a climax at some point, no ? Well you are wrong there is always some boring and long speech that sounds like blah blah blah bad guys blah blah blah have super covert ops top secret US guns on their possession blah blah blah kill them blah blah. And for the big finale well the stealth girl finds out that behind the bad guys is a top ranking US politician or military man (I didn’t even care at that point) and the commando guy who runs to her aid (damsel in distress and the sorts) stays with his big loaded… gun in his hands. And then the mastermind of all evil and good flies away in his invisible plane (maybe the budget wasn’t enough for them to draw the plane, I don’t know).

Graphics: Well like the gameplay the graphics look like a 15 years old game. There are countless collision errors where bodies fly through walls and the animations are… well in fact they were a bit funny :D

That’s it world I haven’t anything more to add to this fiendish game that should be ashamed to carry the great name of Shadow. The only good thing though was the single player coop, or better the tag team, idea they had. Spacepirate out.

I will not provide a buy link because this game is crap, instead I will provide some players’ comments from youtube, most of them:

“She sure walks like a G. This game is if Splinter Cell and Crysis 2 had a retarded child.”

“The person who gave me this game as a gift wants his money back.”

“looks beyond sh*t. like that white, crusty sh*t you see after its been sitting on the pavement for days on end. Nothing more then stolen + badly executed ideas infused with a bunch of feminist one liners.”

“Someone's trying to take on Metal Gear Solid, Lol , They tried to hard and failed. Graphics are shit, The game looks even more shit and voice actors that don't have a golden voice. Other word's, Who ever created this game. Find the nearest supermarket, go get a bunch of twinkies go to a bridge and hope someone pushes you....or jump.”

“i will say that the requiring near perfection on only normal setting is making this one of the more frustrating games ive played in a while though.
some of the missions ive had to replay a stupid amount of times for just being on normal mode.
its just really annoying, because most the time if you ever get spotted as the girl its instant death ->restart... so you have to replay the missions enough times to know exactly where every enemy is and the best way to take them out quietly.
then with the guy, hes all brute force so you take damage from getting shot at and medkits are nearly non-existant after a couple boards in, so you have to repeat the missions until you know exactly where all the enemies are so you take the least amount of damage possible.
basically normal mode on this game feels like nightmare mode on other games.”


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  2. After reading this review i'm feeling like i need the time i spent on reading, back. It seems like a REALLY bad game! XD

    "piece of..poop" LMAO!

  3. @Yiota: well I thought that in baby language all words are funny and cute so no one gets irritated when he reads the word poop instead of the word shit :D

  4. I think the overview of the games is an indication for dissaster. Everytime i read a game that goes on like "Its super fantastic, with all the super awesome stuff everyone wanted, no cutscenes, you make the story etc." What I read is "Please buy this game?"


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