Sunday, April 17, 2011

In My Mailbox (25)

Meme by The Story Siren

As you guys see our Mailbox is a little different today. I decided i will try to put some photos of what we get when i can.

The photos are bit blurry but i can't have something better til i get a decent camera.

Yiota - Athanasia - Johnny:
For Review - Random Magic by Sasha Soren (thank you so much for both the books and all the goodies in!)

Yiota - Athanasia - Silvestro:
For University - Simulation by Manos Roumeliotis
For University - Algorithm Design by Jon Kleinberg, √Čva Tardos
For University - Web Technology by Iakovos Venieris, Eugenia Nikolouzou
For University - Fiber Optic Communication Systems by Govind P. Agrawal
For University - UML Distilled: A Brief Guide to the Standard Object Modeling Language, Third Edition

For University - The C Programming Language (2nd edition) by Brian W. Kernighan, Dennis M. Ritchie
For University - Computer Organization and Design: The Hardware Software Interface by John L. Hennessy, David A. Patterson - Part I
For University - Computer Organization and Design: The Hardware Software Interface by John L. Hennessy, David A. Patterson - Part II

Bought - Waterfall by Lisa Bergen
Bought - Assassins Creed: Brotherhood by Oliver Bowden
Bought - The Mermaid's Madness by Jim Hines
Bought - Red Hood's Revenge by Jim Hines
Bought - The Dust of 100 Dogs by A.S. King
Bookmooch - Princess Academy by Shannon Hale

( Digital Copy )For Review - Rosie by Mariam Maarouf (Part of E-book Tours)
( Digital Copy )For Review - Book of Lost Souls by Michelle Muto (Part of E-book Tours)

Bought - The Diary of a Young Girl: Anne Frank by Anne Frank
Bought - When Nietzsche Wept by Irvin Yalom

What did you get this week? Leave links at the comments!


  1. awesome! variety of genres and swag--enjoy and happy reading :)

    check out our IMM at Michelle & Leslie's Book Picks


  2. Wow, this mailbox is so mixed! It has books I'm really curious about reading (the Jim Hines books), a book I adore (Waterfall), and a book I hated (Dust of 100 Dogs). I can't wait to see your thoughts on all of these!

  3. i'm so happy for my books!! i couldn't w8 to get them !

    this time the books for the uni weren't that heavy...


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