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Spotlight List: Epic Villains

Spotlight List is a totally awesome meme by Small Review, and its actually one of the things that grows my TBR every week. Every week, we create a theme and then we do a top list on it. Small Review already has Spotlight Posts about Fantasy, Gothic, Historical Fiction, Retold Stories you might want to check out.
Every week, one of us will pick a theme and create the list. Then everyone will comment on this list!

The guys only know the comments from the person who picked the theme and did the choices. They haven't seen the rest.

Before you start with this week spotlight i would like to tell you that's part of a big series of Spotlight i have scheduled. Cause it's really nice to Spotlight stories in general, but there are some times that we just love some certain parts of those stories so much that we enjoy them again and again only cause of those things. So prepare for Spotlights on characters, scenes, battles, worlds, second characters, romance, fun stuff and much much more to come!

Epic Villains
by Yiota

After the epic fail villains, it's time for some serious characters. The ones that can really kick your ass or die for just staring at them. Prepare for your worst nightmare! (not really...but they are unforgettable!)

Sauron ( Lord of The Rings  Books || Lord of The Rings Movies )
 Yiota: He probably is the only villain who just sit and giving order but still he is awesome! We only saw him once in action and some hundred elves were destroyed by just one attack. And he has some of the best minions ever (Nazgul and 'nuff said!)
Also has an epic outfit! and badass ring! It's probably the one and only ring that all the boys and girls would want!
Silvestro: My second favorite villain of all times. I was just sad that we didn't see him fighting too much, but even as a ghost he is cool. By the way I think that in his armor hiddes Mr Tinkles and he is controlling the armor with robotics and a laptop.
Johnny: He is just epic, he kicks some serious ass, though I personally think that the Nazgul deserve his place more than him. After all he has been just an eye for some time now. But the Nazgul....*shivers* 
Athanasia : he was really scary, for me he is the scariest villain of the movies I saw. Actually he is not scary looking, but his power scared me a lot.
Nina:  He's not that scary, but I cannot forget his finger with the ring still on....

 Darth Vader ( Star Wars )
Yiota: Not only is freaking amazing and original as villain but he also has a great story behind him! His is the villain of our parents and ours! Lightsaber and force are just one way to kill you (i know some people in this blog would die from happiness just from only seeing him and some others will die cause they don't know him*points finger at Athanasia*)
Silvestro: My number one favourite villain of all times. His evilness is immortal and so is his helmet. Whenever I think about a really badass villain I immediately think about Darth Vader. Villains with masks have a prestige about them even if they are just walking down a corridor, people can't see their faces and that causes an unconsious response of insecurity about them, and if they talk with a scary voice after that, people start running for their lives.
Johnny: I think that he is the epitomy of Evil! Many would say that Voldemort (bellow) is more evil since he has no good in him. But there is one thing that they forget. First of all Darth Vader destroyed a god damn planet! (badassery in its finest) and unlike Voldy who somehow cares and relies on his minions, Darth Vader just wont give a fuck. He would just walk in the middle of the battlefield ignoring his dying soldiers and just do what he has to do. What? You want help stormtrooper? FUCK YOU! I am Vader, and I dont give a fuck! I bow to his awesome
Athanasia : I know him!!!!!! I just haven’t seen him in my life ( so this is how he looks XD ) ok yiota and Johnny calm down...
Nina: His outfit reminds me of some piece of art. It's nice and fake at the same time....

Voldemort ( Harry Potter Books || Harry Potter Movies )
Yiota: What makes him special? He is really evil and mean and he is from kids book! And while in the movies he doesn't look that scary...i know i wouldn't want to meet him in the book! His bff is a huge snake which makes him even more creepy! And he actually manage to destroy a big part of Rowling's world and has the death of some of the greatest characters in the books at his hands!
Silvestro: I never really liked that guy... Granted that he is evil and a bit scary but he reminds me of the team Rocket in Pokemon, in each movie he tries a great evil plan and then he fails horriblly. Also he never learns, how many times does Harry have to humiliate and kill you to finally give up and try your luck with other wizards ???
Johnny: I give my respects to him as an evil villain. He has style, he is cool, he kills people, he is what every villain that respects himself is. However I simply cant give him the first place of evil villainy. I give him number 2, after Vader and before Sauron, because although Sauron is badass, he spend most of the times as an eye. So that gives him some minus.
Athanasia : he is scary but I always knew he was going to lose so I was never afraid of him... and he looks ridiculous, they didn’t do a good job with his face..
Nina: He's really scary and creepy. And he has a snake, which is also scary. And it's supposed to be in children movies....

Captain Barbossa ( Pirates of Caribbean Movies )
Yiota: Admit wouldn't want to meet him at the first movie with the stupid curse upon him! He practically was an undead! He might lost some of his prestige later but still remains an epic figure at the pirates movies! And he was that awesome that when he died he came back! And in the new movies he is also royalty...his has a pretty interesting life.... He is my favourite (yes Johnny Depp is not my fav part of those movies..sorry...) and he also is really funny! Evil and funny! What else do you want?
Silvestro: Yup I like that guy for two reasons A) he is a greedy pirate and B) he is really really funny. Also I don't consider him a villain because in the first movie he just wanted to get rich and then to solve the curse, harming people wasn't his primary goal and in the other movies he is practically one of the good guys, or more likelly one of the heroe's sidekicks :D
Johnny: He is the incarnation of the evil pirates. There is not more to say 
Athanasia : he is not that scary...
Nina: He's not that bad. Yes, he's bad in the first movie, but if I remember correctly, he does something good in the second one....

Frolo ( The Hunchback of Notre Dam )
Yiota: I think he is the most evil of Disney villains. He is the only one who still creeps me out! He managed to have half Paris on fire and tryed to kill a woman because he liked her...he uses Hunchback and also tryed to use the blonde knight which i don't remember his name now...And who can forget one of the best scenes and songs of Disney: Hellfire. 
Silvestro: I know the Hellfire song but I can't remember him or his story... He really looks intimidating though and he reminds me of the Borgia family in assassin's creed.
Johnny: I seriously believe this person was possessed by the devil or something! I rewatched the movie recently and god damn this guy is EVIL!
Athanasia : how come you remember him yiota ?
Nina:  Mean mean person. Totally freaked me out when I was little. He's manipulating and mean (I already said that, but I can't remember any synonyms)....


  1. Sauron and Voldemort - my all time favorite villains from my all-time favorite fantasy novels.

  2. @Nina: Darth Vader's outfit is totally fake (don't kill me the rest of you)

  3. ahhhh all of these guys are awesome. I was completely terrified of Frolo when I was little - heck he still creeps me out :)

  4. ........Silvestro did you just read what Athanasia just said?......KILL HER! TO THE PYRE! BURN THE INFIDEL!

  5. Athanasia: Basicaly in my comment I was saying about the same thing, in a more gentle way....

  6. Girls, Vader's suit may seem a bit fake to you because you don't know the story behind it. If you knew why he has to wear this semi-robotic armor everywhere, yes even in toilet, you wouldn't think it looks fake...
    And it was made a long time ago so a bit lowtech effects are excused.

  7. I just posted my review of The Hunchback of Notre Dame today ( The funny thing is that Frolo started out being a really, really good guy and then Esmeralda made him lose his mind.
    Yep, it's all a woman's fault.

  8. @Man of la Book: that's not true!!:o she didn't do anything! he was crazy!

  9. Such icons on this list! Sauron (+ minions), Voldemort, and Darth Vader are epic villains.

  10. The mummy (from the first film, The Mummy (1932)), Nosferatu (1922)and later on, Alien, Freddy Krueger... They're all betetr than the ones you've mentioned..

  11. @Anonymous: depends on your taste

  12. @Anonymous: Those are just spookier and/or creepier, they are not more evil or more genius, and an epic villain must be an evil genius.
    Also Nosferatu and Alien are not villains, they are just animals trying to feed...


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