Thursday, April 7, 2011

Feedback ( & Updates )

Hey ya guys! How you doin? :D Hope you are all good and happy. I believe here at the ship everything is running perfectly!
Right now, ma boys Silvertro and Johnny are out there and play. I really do hope, not have any problems cause of them later.

Anyway..i have some small updates for you.
For those who don't know we have a new blogger on board, Silvestro! Also known as The Shadow. He has a quite interesting. You better welcome him. Don't want him on your bad side.
You also saw that Currently Reading changed with something more appropriate for all of us and there is also a Last Comments blog somewhere around the blog.
And of course as you notice we are back and stronger with updates every day! I'm really happy about it and that's why i gave the day off to everyone. We will also have an interview at La Femme Readers! Our Facebook page gets more updates now and you can even see our tweets through it.

Lastly i want a BIG favor from you. Do you mind spent 5 mins and fill in the feedback form? I wanna make the blog better and i'm really curious to see what you think. There are just 6 little questions and  it's Anonymous :)

See you soon!
-xoxo, Yiota


  1. Is this for authors too ?
    That black background makes me wanna fill the form...

  2. the form is so cool XD can i fill it too? :D

  3. ok i saw a very disturbing dream last night, you changed the template and the side bars and it was awful and girly bliahhh

    do not do that yiota, do not play with my mental health XD

    i love this template do not change it

  4. I say we go with a black-and-red-heavy-metal-with-flaming-skulls skin :D

  5. i was thinking something space-related so it would match our roles XD

  6. nice thought.
    But anyways if it is not pink with hearts and flowers I probably will be ok :D


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