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E-Book Tours : Beloved of the Fallen, Review

When the young and beautiful Kira Castelmaine arrives in Washington, D.C., to serve her first term in Congress, she is swept off her feet by Valentin Ashford, a distinguished political consultant. But the relationship soon turns the political idealist's moral world upside down. Unaware that Valentin is actually an agent of Lucifer sent to help bring world destruction, Kira falls wildly in love. Named to a seat on the powerful House intelligence committee, Kira eventually holds the swing vote on authorizing a covert action against a country in the Middle East that has recently obtained nuclear weapons. This covert attack threatens to be countered with an apocalyptic response, and it could trigger a wider conflict that could seal disaster for the human race. Trapped between passion and the salvation of mankind, Kira and Valentin must find redemption in each other if they hope to thwart Lucifer’s diabolic plot.

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REVIEW (select the white parts to view the spoiler):
I have one thing to say about the book: surprised! It was good and different! I was expecting something like the usual angel books but this one went different.

The very first chapter got me really into it, since it started with Valentin's history. Now that i finished the book, i feel like it was a really good idea this move because even if the story was from Kira's POV, i could understand Valentin. I could see what Kira couldn't, and made me like it even more. I felt like a have secret connection with him :P
I also really liked there wasn't like epic battles and etc. Everything was playing secretly and gave a mysterious touch to the story. 
*SPOILER* And there was a really unique end too. Not what the characters wanted but neither the destruction of the world. It was an acceptable ending, of a someone's simple life who can't have everything. *SPOILER*

The characters were so well created! You could see and feel Valentin. I could understand the way he thinks, how he feels and i was connected to him more than any other character lately. Kira was a more complicated person but i liked that she wasn't stupid but not the most powerful or cleverest girl in the world. She had her bad and good moments. She felt real.

There was room for improvement though. I had (and still have) questions about the angels or some secondary characters. Plus, i felt the first and last scenes like were written in a hurry. Those certain pages gone away so fast, that i couldn't really handle the change of scenes in them. Despite those, i'm happy i choose to read it.

Try it? Yes! You will like it! :D

Stay tuned with a giveaway of the book and the end of the week too :)

Thanks the Savannah Kline and E-Book Tours for the copy of the book.
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  1. i was really exited by your review but i didn't like the book summary...

    the cover is great though...


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