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Thor 2011: Movie Review

The powerful but arrogant warrior Thor is cast out of the fantastic realm of Asgard and sent to live amongst humans on Earth, where he soon becomes one of their finest defenders. There he starts a quest to find himself, his wisdom and his compassion in order to get ready for the heavy throne of Asgard.


Ms. Overlord I have your relic finally. Here you are, the legendary hammer of Thor. You know how difficult that was to “borrow” from those crazy Asgardians that think themselves as gods ? Well I had a little help from an inside source but I still had to kill a few dozens of them, and some very big and dangerous piece of machinery so I expect a nice big and generous reward from my dear captain ;) Also I encountered King Thor, he didn’t see me of course, but I did. You remember the movie about him, right ?

I watched the movie in 2D so I don’t know about the 3D version. The 2D version was good but not very good. It was great at the beginning but after the first fight there weren’t any good fights. Well to be just when you place the first fight on the enemy planet with countless enemies and a long beautiful fight you can’t top that…
I think that the girls, and maybe some boys, were too distracted by the main actor, Chris Hemsworth, in spite the fact that I thought he was too crude and barbaric to be characterized as beautiful, but what do I know about women psychology ? :D

The acting was good for the most part, I especially liked Loki, Tom Hiddleston and the old doctor guy, Stellan SkarsgĂ„rd and of course the ”big names” Natalie Portman and Anthony Hopkins. Now Thor had neither too much talking neither many expressions as part of his role so I can’t tell if his act was good, he basically was there to make girls go daydreaming. But I can say that he was a good representation of Thor as presented in the comic series.

I haven’t read the comics, enough, so I don’t know about the originality of the story but as far as I know the story was pretty cool, and also cool was the after credits part that our cinema didn’t let us watch :(

To recap, acting was good, effects were awesome, story was pretty good and fighting was backwards, it started with the big fight and progressed with lesser fights to reach the climax when Loki and Thor had a brother to brother childish fight. The movie was pretty good all and all but not one of my best, and I say again that I don’t know about the 3D version.


  1. True Story: My BFF and I were at the cinema watching Sucker Punch. Before the movie starts we were watching the trailers. Thor's come up and I was "wow" by the effects and so, while my BFF was like "OK". But when the screen shous Thor half naked, she told "We should come and watch this one too. Looks really good".

    It proves what you said in your review....

  2. yesterday i was telling yiota to do a review because you guys went to see it a day before i came to athens!

    i am glad you did the review so quickly Silvestro. i am going to watch this one, it is not one of the movies that i usally like but i don't know i really wanna watch it.

    and before you say anything it isn't because of the actor, i don't know him and i didn't know him when i decided to watch it so...

    is there a 3D version in Greece?

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  4. I'm not satisfied with your review :P Haha..nah's good but here some more XD

    -Natalie Portman was no good. She felt totally out of her water, like she didn't fit with the rest cast.
    -The Thor guy was HOT! What you can't see? He was perfect^^ And i believe he did a pretty good job with his character. And he did one of the best jobs of all there along with Loki, except Antony Hopkins of course who was really good.
    -I agree with Loki and with the fight scenes comments. I totally wanted to see the Goddess of war in action more!
    -The special effects were wow! I was really impressed :)

    It has one HUGE flow though. And it did annoy me. In less than a week, Thor changed from an arrogant guy to the most awesome guy ever, and fall in love at the same time. That was epically fail. It was all in hurry.
    It had some really good jokes that saved me for me. It was action, effects,sounds,jokes and nothing more while they had a strong story behind to play.

    Anyway..that's from me XD

  5. @Yiota: I guess strong story you mean the romance and the quest of Thor to find a better self awareness and feelings, then I think it was better that they rushed that because I would find it a bit boring, no offence but I prefer action than character development and romance.
    And about Portman I think that it was intentional the fact that she didn't fit with them, they were after all from different planets, and Odin knew the difference between them, that's why he chose her, but ok I admit you have more experience in movies so I may be wrong about that :D
    And last but not least, have you seen the guy in other movies ? Because I haven't and I can be free to suspect that his body was one of the special effects of the movie, like Leonidas in the 300...

  6. @Silvestro:
    -Yeah that's an opinion. Don't care about the love story actually but they could have work better Thor's character. Batman, Spiderman even Kick Ass had action but character development too ;)
    -Oh no..i mean in general. I felt like Portman didn't know what she was doing there. Not as a character. But as an actor. You could see action was not her good genre to act.
    -No i haven't ^^ But his body is not far from truth. Both he and Chris Evans(Captain America) worked out a lot before the movies (plus some steroids for sure). I've searched it XD

  7. well i saw the movie and i am not as impressed as i thought i would be, generally i liked the story, the actors but something was missing...

    Thor was amazing!! he looked great, but as an actor i don't think he has much to give

    Natalie Portman was really good, she didn't show us anything different than her other movies, but her role wasn't challenging either..

    the story was really fast, many things happened in a very short period of time. also the graphics were amazing but i found the Asgardians world a little too much (thank God the writer is not an architect!!!)

  8. @athanasia: it's forbidden to bash in any way the Thor actor or character in this blog. Tsk tsk! That was yellow card, Athanasia....

  9. @athanasia: you are forgiven little one :)


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