Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Hot Fuzz Review

Hot Fuzz is a 2007 British action comedy film written by Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright and starring Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. The three had previously worked together on the 2004 film Shaun of the Dead as well as the television series Spaced. The film was directed by Wright and produced by Nira Park, and follows two police officers attempting to solve a series of mysterious deaths in a small village.
Over a hundred action films were used as inspiration for developing the script, which Wright and Pegg worked on together. Filming took place over eleven weeks in early 2006, and featured an extensive cast along with various uncredited cameos. Visual effects were developed by ten artists to expand on or add explosive, gore, and gunfire scenes. Prior to the film's release it was promoted on video blogs during the production as well as at a San Diego Comic-Con panel.
Debuting on 14 February, 2007 in the United Kingdom and April 20 in the United States, Hot Fuzz received wide acclaim with a 91% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes and 81/100 from Metacritic. The total international box office gross reached $80,573,774 before its home media release. Shortly after the film's release, two different soundtracks were released in the UK and US. The film is the second in Wright, Pegg, and Frost's planned Blood and Ice Cream Trilogy, with Shaun of the Dead being the first.


*Welcome, please enter your codename please.......Welcome Captain Johnny*

I was just in the medical bay for a routine check up when I noticed a copy of "Hot Fuzz" while the doctor healed my chest scars I got a few months back. It reminded me of the day i got the scars. It was a symbolic day since it was both my first "peaceful" encounter with "The Shadow" as well as the first of a chain of events that led me to The Overlord's service. I had as usual pursued "The Shadow" deep to a couple of warehouses in the industrial part of the planet Xeona, I had him in a corner, I was standing between his weapons and the escape rout, my sniper aiming at him when something strange happened. As luck has it I was betrayed by my superior. He wanted to capture "Shadow" and dispose of me, who was becoming a threat due to the fact that his soldiers liked me more than him. The idiot commander had set me and Shadow up. He had bought up his team, as well as my troops. He was hasty though and did not make sure that I had succeeded in my capture and he betrayed me early. To make a long and bloody story short, i still remember (and had the scar to prove it) that day, when me and "Shadow" put our differences aside and ran around the city, shooting anything that held a weapon and generally blowing things up while listening to offspring. When we finally got away the planet was a lot emptier in population, and buildings to that matter.

That is why I decided to watch the movie of the two police officers.

I like that movie, as well as the other movie from the same producers (and actors) I have seen (Shawn Of The Dead, review will come up soon to the database). It has a strange sense of humor, which is subtle yet there if you pay attention. It is greatly satirical despite the fact that it generally does not show it.

I have so much fun when I watch their movies for those reasons. I love the fact that the satire and humor is not so obvious as to other movies (ex. Life of Brian) but instead is pretty damn serious, and many might mistake that the funny parts are actually serious.

I love the fact that they do not hold violence behind but they are not overdoing it. What I mean is, that when for instance you rip the head out of someone there will be a series of sounds-noises-things hanging out, other fluids sprouting about (Annoying blood, always gets on my visors, have to clean it up all the time), but on the other hand when you have something minor, like a bullet shot, you wont have blood gushing out for 3 meters for 5 minutes straight while the person screams maniacally and holds his hand. There is a proper amount for both

What I didnt ike? Well personally I think the only thing they lacked was music. Not that it was bad or inappropriate but it was a bit downplayed. I dont even remember music in the action scenes even if there was, and I just saw the movie. However that is a very minor setback and it by no means makes watching the movie any harder. (There have been movies and games that you just WANT to shut the music off)

So next time you people are feeling like trying to catch a glimpse of the awesome life me and my teammates live you should check out hot fuzz. If you are a fan of this kind of humor (I think its british, not sure though) you will love it as well

Now I will have to log off, Shadow is going to train the idiot new recruits and I have to go interrogate someone that tried to hack our mainframe (oh yes, it will be bloody). Remind me to talk to The Overlord about her recruiting skills. Shadow could kill all of them with a toothpick under the influence of both drugs and heavy sedation, blindfolded and with one of his hands tied behind his back. Captain Johnny out..

"Logging you off Diraen"


  1. I will definitely not like this movie!

    And i don't have time to watch over the recruits! The Professor should do that!

  2. I almost laughed my stomach out with this movie :D
    It had some cool badass moments but the lasted very little time before turning into great humor.

    Commander you are overestimating my skills, the toothpick would break, now with a pin or a metal toothpick I'm fine :D

  3. Well we need to inform the professor on the recruits either way

  4. Noooooooooooo not the Professor !!!
    she will get mad I sent a few recruits to the med bay and I will not get cookies this week :'(

  5. So i guess i am supposed to watch over the recruits?

    Silvestro this is warning, we do not have time for this, the clock is ticking.

  6. You are the professor, every bor....eeer i mean everything that is too important for us to do is your responsibility :D, like the recruits, and baking cookies for your fellow crewmates

  7. Very definitely British those boys are OURS :D And proud of them! Love anything they do - have you seen Burke & Hare?

  8. No, I will have it on my "to see" list


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