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League Of Legends Game (epic match) Review

League of Legends is a video game inspired by the Defense of the Ancients (DotA) map for Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne[2] developed and published by Riot Games for Microsoft Windows.[3] It was first announced on October 7, 2008, and released on October 27, 2009.[4] The game was in a closed beta from April 10, 2009, to October 22, 2009.[5] It then transitioned to open beta until release.[6]
Steve "Guinsoo" Feak, the previous designer of the popular Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne custom map, DotA Allstars, and Steve "Pendragon" Mescon, the administrator of the former official support base for the map (, were involved with Riot Games in the development of League Of Legends.[7] Using the original DotA created by Eul (the original Defence of The Ancients map for Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos) as a base, Guinsoo made DotA Allstars by inserting his own mix of content, largely expanding the number of the heroes, and adding recipes, numerous items and various gameplay changes. Guinsoo then passed version 6 of the map on to its current developer, IceFrog. Pendragon, who is the Director of Community Relations for Riot Games, helped create the previous DotA Allstars website along with its forum.

Review: (This will be a review passed on to you by describing the events of a particular game)

"Logging you on Commander"

Ok, so I just came from the combat simulation we used with Shadow to demonstrate to our soldiers how numbers are not always what defines a victory. We entered a game with 3 newbie soldiers and selected our champions for the game. When I say champions I mean that we would each use an artificial being, with limited offensive techniques (3 normal ones and one ultimate, which is usually devastating and never to be used carelessly). Each champion had its specific role, so it would not be possible to simply walk around blowing up stuff and sniping my enemies with a bow or something, which is what I would normally do in a situation like that. Having chose 2 melee fighters we were pleased to see that our team was balanced. We had 2 heavy hitters (me and Shadow) two tanks (people that could soak HUGE amounts of damage), Shadow and another dude, one mage and one ranged fighter. The team seemed perfect. Our enemies seemed hard, since they had chose an array of good fighters with tricky techniques, which could be used to assassinate and harass us. However they lacked two things...Me and Shadow.

The adrenaline was building up as the loading time was almost over. However the very first seconds of the game put us in a great dissadvantage as we had a "leaver" in our team. (A leaver is a person that simply quits the game before it ends. That puts his team in a great dissadvantage since they are now outnumbered as 4vs5). Me and Shadow looked on the three paths that we could go. Middle (Mid), the one that went up (Top) and the one that winded downwards (bot). We sighed as we went "top" since we knew that we were outnumbered and in a dissadvantage. We did not despair however, as we were both confident in our abilities. Things however turned from bad to worse. Our teammates informed everyone that one of them was drunk as hell and kinda high, while the other one had not played the game for almost a month, which would mean he would not perform with the skill he would, or should. Without further delay the teams covered the three pathways (mid, top and bot) and got prepared to defend the 3 towers that led to the base.

As the game was about to start both teams devised their strategies. We all had to go through the towers protecting the pathways and find our ways to the enemy base, to destroy the core structure, thus ending the game to our victory. Each lane had 2 towers guarding the path and one that guard a special structure called inhibitor. The team that would take out those structures would have the privilege of having one extra creep (or minion) that was extra powerful and hard to kill. The game finally began and the minions began their way to all three lanes. Those pretty useless little creatures are the basis of the whole game. Though they lack the power to take down an enemy champion (the players) they are used as gold farming things (killing them gives up gold, which is used to buy items to make your champion more badass), and they are used as battering rams, helping champions take down the towers without being killed by those structures in the process.

The game progressed pretty well for a 4v5. Me and shadow were annihilating the enemy tank that was up on our lane, while the people on the other two lanes were doing pretty well. The minutes passed and not only did we manage to keep all our towers alive, we managed to take down our enemies enough times to give us the resources to be able to even up the problem of having to stretch ourselves out to defend our base. In the end with some intense fighting (with heavy sacrifices for our part since even the slightest death of our team meant that we had to thin our ranks even more to protect our towers) we managed to take out one of their tower. Soon the game was focused mostly in the middle, where an almost non stop skirmish was unfolding. They managed to push us back a few times and take out one of our tower, but then they realized that it was THEM that were in a dissadvantage. Their team was good, but it was lacking strength, their champions were easy to kill, and soon the teamfights turned into brutal masses of corpses, as me shadow and our two teammates would charge them head on. The most common outcome of this was our mage and me ending up dead while Shadow would hold on his own alone until the other tank arrived, and together they turned them to the run.

However our luck was short and soon we noticed that our mage was afk. That meant it was only three of us left and five of them. We began losing. We would kill one or two in the teamfights before they would wipe us out (with pretty low health). In those events we lost 2 more towers and amost a third one. At that point we had managed to kick their ass so hard they had lost 5 towers and we were literally in the gates of their base. We managed to take down the final tower of the middle lane when me and shadow realized something. After 2 more teamfights our second tank was also not moving.

Me and Shadow looked at each other and smiled. If its a 2 on 5 they want, lets give em hell. Despite their extreme advantage (even with one player missing teamfights can get nasty) we managed to keep them off, defending one of the two remaining towers in the middle lane (there are 3 in total) which was left with few life, but still standing. And then we saw both our mage and the tank moving. Apparently the tank's brother had puked out of drunkenness and our ally had to clean it all up, and our mage was probably having connection progress. With our fellow ally tank on our side we took down all towers but one and managed to take out 2 of their inhibitors (the buildings that grant the awesome minion). With the help of our mage we finally were able after a series of bloody skirmishes (I died a lot, while Shadow usually end up alone against 3-4 angry enemies killing them one by one while the rest of us respawned) we managed to push them back, destroy the final two towers guarding their nexus (the core of the base) and winning the game to our great shock. We cheered over the corpses of our fallen enemies as the connection was cut and we ended up back at the simulation platform. Me and Shadow smiled and looked into the soldiers around us and asked them the same I will ask you....

....any questions?

"Logging you off Commander"

PS. For those that have played the game and dont believe a word, I will post a picture with the results (I am Deloi, Shadow is Silvestro)

PS2. if any of you dont realize a damn about what I just said then I will have to write a summary of the game just so you understand what is happening. But that will be boring wouldnt it?


  1. as you can see we applied the old good technique called going-in-the-battle-with-a-nickname so the poor little enemies didn't know we were the well known crew members under the employment of the dreaded Overlord so they underestimated us making a grave mistake...
    Even when we were 2 against 5 we could kill at least two of them, leaving the others with too low health to attack our base. That should be a good lesson for our troops.

  2. Watching you in the middle of 5, whomping them with your mace while the enemy literally fled before you made my lungs hurt with laughter

  3. If I was a bit larger and had the power of the one ring I would be Sauron against the Elves :D


  5. It's funny that i actually read the whole thing while i don't really care :P
    You guys are bad influence!

  6. @Yiota embrace the power of the light dark side!


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