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Deus ex Invisible War Review

Like its predecessor Deus Ex, Invisible War is a first-person game, playing from a character's eye view in a 3D environment. The game combines gameplay mechanics from multiple game genres, including stealth, role-playing and first-person shooter. Regarding the categorization of Invisible War, Warren Spector stated, "... the whole genre thing, it's like 'Is Deus Ex a science-fiction game or a shooter?' Forget about shooter, role-playing, action and adventure... forget about those categories. ... If I make a first-person perspective Western, is it a Western or a shooter? The whole idea of genre is a mess when you start applying it to games. It gets in the way of serious thought about games ... when you're in the trenches making a game, you're kinda just making a game".


So you want to know about the tools that the famous commander Johnny prefers to use in combat eh ? Ok newbies I will tell you all about those biomods but I have to warn you, everything with bio in front has to be either permanent or with side effects. Either way it’s a really hard decision to make and it has the corresponding rewards for the user. I myself have a neural hacking interface installed to easily hack into enemies systems on my missions. It’s pretty useful for cutting camera feeds, disabling robot guards and stealing cookie recipes.

Deus Ex: Invisible War is one of my favorite games of all times. It is talking about a young man that was implanted with biomods ( bio as biological and mods as modifications ) using some canisters containing a huge amount of nanobots. He gets many abilities from them such as hacking computers, controlling robots with his mind, invisibility, sound dampening, super strength and others. And he is caught up in a war between three factions, the Order, the Security guards and his father. His choices affects the outcome of the game greatly.

Gameplay: Totally awesome. The player can choose how to finish each and every mission, I can be a silent ninja assassin in one mission and an all out Rambo in the next. The difficulty is very balanced, unlike some other games that I will be reviewing soon, creating a very fun and interesting story driven gameplay. The best attribute of this game is the fact that every choice that the player make affects, but really affects, the storyline.

Graphics: The graphics of this game were really great on its release date but now they are just good. One thing is sure you won’t be disappointed by that aspect. There are virtually no bugs, nice AI and good animations.

Story: As I said the scenario is great, it can even compare to the old classic RPGs scenarios. Also there is some character customization that is always good on rpgs, I could choose a female character :D

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